Starseeds & Walk Ins- Begin Here!



Awaken to your mission! Do you feel like you were seeded here and you are a little different? Do you want to help Mother Earth and you feel you have a mission to do here? If that resonates with you, you may be a lightworker or a starseed. Many of us have came to help Mother Earth and Humanity to ascend into the higher dimensions. Our Soul chose to Incarnate to spread Unconditional Love On Earth and raise the vibration. We are here to bear our light and show others the way. It’s time for us to raise our vibration and focus on the positive. We must do the self realization work to ascend and show others the possibilities! We are the Leaders. The Innovators. Here to change things up and make our own path. Love is the only answer.We have a very special mission here and it’s time to remember who you really are! A Human Angel,ET or Ascended Master incarnated specifically  to save humanity through showing the way and awakening to your highest potential!  Your light will awaken others! 1111 4444 It is important we do the self healing that is necessary to help the collective reach a higher conscious level or vibration. By cleansing yourselves and keeping yourselves pure and focused on love, you are healing the planet. It is time to Remember. You already know who you are, it’s just buried deep inside and you must go within to find it. ❤ 7777 11111

A Few characteristics of Starseeds:

Deep interest in spirituality, and the ability to progress rapidly on your spiritual journey.

Realization that Earth isn’t your true home.

Drawn to outer space, stars, science fiction.

Artistic, Sensitive, posses a higher consciousness naturally.

Difficult & Challenging lives.

Dreams of places that on not on Earth.

Experiences of physical/non- physical encounters with star guides, ufos, light beings.

Gifts in areas of healing, channeling, psychic powers.

We are all seeded here to grow humanities consciousness and we are all contributing to the Ascension of consciousness in individuals and in humanity as a whole.

Starbabies- The new starseeded ones are the souls yet to incarnate and the crystal, rainbow, gifted children. These children are of a very pure vibration and are new to this incarnation cycle, they are truly the children of  The New Earth it is our duty to hold sacred space for them and to nurture them gently. They are very sensitive to the lower earth energies, so we must uplift them and send them extra love and attention. These children are very sensitive to EMFs, Radiation, Vaccines, Processed Foods,  Chemicals,  ect. and need to be cared for in a special way. Parenting these children as natural as possible, nurturing their spiritual gifts will give them a chance to thrive and shine their light on the world as they grow. These starseed babies are going to lead the future, it is up to us to give them a gentle and loving start.

To join together with other Starseeds, Join The Facebook group: SUPERGALACTIC to help other starseeds who are awakening and support one another.

For more information about your soul’s heritage, how to activate your super powers, and many  great freebies visit a really amazing Galactic Star Being,Alessandra, She does some amazing work and is a  Very High Vibrational Channel to the Galactic and Angelic Realms. She can help you connect with your Star System of Origin and help you remember your mission here.

For more information about galactic families visit

The hybrid children exist at a much higher frequency than humans currently. They will come when the time is right to heal the Earth and evolve to a more loving society.

For Information on Walk-Ins visit for support and more information.

“A walk-in can be a soul exchange in which a soul takes up residence in the body of a walk-out soul, who has completed a mission on Earth and is ready to leave. The walk-in soul agrees to complete the contract left by the walk-out  soul. Rather than having a healthy body die, another soul steps in and picks up where the first soul left off. ” ~ Yvonne Perry ( a metaphysical author, light language practitioner)

Check out her Books, Walk Ins Among Us- Yvonne Perry

Light Language Emerging- Yvonne Perry

Now is the Time to focus on your mission here and learn who you truly always have been, A Divine Being.

If you have any questions regarding starseeds I’m always available via e-mail



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    Hello..thank you for this site…I do have a request due to my lack of eye sight..i need a copy of the What it is to be a Star Seed copied and sent to my email address below. Then I can take my time and read it, it in parger print that would be better too….but with a magnifer glass, i can make it out fine. Thank you so much..Christine B.

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