Sacred Birth for The Star Children

I have been meaning to create this post for a while, but have been waiting for the perfect moment. That moment is now. As many of you know, the children are the future, and they are an important piece to the magical puzzle of Ascension. If we want to change the world it begins with BIRTH. Modern birth practices have taken the Sacredness out of Birth and has caused our species much trauma and unnecessary pain. It’s time we take our Birth practices up to a level of Sacred practice, for Birth is an altered state of consciousness and needs to be respected as that. I urge you to make your children a priority, and to begin their life in a way that will bring you both dignity and respect. I am going to make a list for new parents, those who plan on having children, or just want to be informed of the options that the mainstream medical community may not make you aware of.


First here are some books and movies if you would like to read and research on your own:

Ina May Gaskin- Guide to Natural Childbirth

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

The Business of Being born

Ina May Gaskin- Spiritual Midwifery

  • Hypnobirthing
  • Natural Childbirth The Bradley Way
  • The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding



  • Research Midwives and Doulas- as soon as you find out you are expecting. A doula is a support person for the mother before, during, and after birth. A midwife will be much more mother centered and will focus on creating a safe and natural birth according to the mother’s birth plan. (Ask them about their C- Section Rate!)
  • Research Circumcision- These new babies are created PERFECT. Don’t fall victim to society’s pressures to cut off your child’s foreskin. It has a purpose!!
  • Research Breastfeeding- Check out La Leche league for information and support groups. GO TO THE SUPPORT GROUPS BEFORE YOUR BABY ARRIVES.
  • Meditate- Every emotion and feeling you have as a pregnant mother goes into the baby, so be sure to be as calm as possible and send lots and lots of love to your baby while they are in the womb, they feel EVERYTHING you do.
  • Research Placenta Encapsulation
  • Move around during labor, and don’t let them put you on your back, this is the WORST birthing position ever. Your doula can assist you in switching positions and walking around.
  • Research Homebirth- Amnesty Inernational 2010 Report, US Women have a greater risk of maternal death than in 49 other countries. US Spends twice as much money on Birth than any other country. It’s a business for them, so know your rights and know that you’re probably safer at home if you don’t have a high risk pregnancy.
  • Skin to Skin- Bonding is so important for the mother and the baby, be sure to put baby on moms chest skin to skin to help get the Prolactin going.
  • Wait for White- Wait until the umbulical cord is WHITE before letting anyone cut or burn it. This supplies baby with a lot of necessary blood.
  • Craniosacral work and Chiropractic Work- All babies  (And Mothers!)need to do craniosacral and chiropractic work, just being birthed can put their spine out of alignment and cause issues with breastfeeding and colic. All babies are traumatized during birth, and need extra energy healing or craniosacral work as soon as possible and for the first few years after birth if necessary.
  • Water- Using water is very calming during labor, if you birth at home you can order a birth pool quite easily. Ask your midwife for more information.
  • TRUST YOUR BODY, TRUST YOUR BABY! Your baby knows how to come through the birth canal, it’s their instincts, trust them! Move around, let your body be soft and ready for baby and let the baby be born in their own timing. Don’t try and force them out, just breathe and allow and they will come.
  • Natural Birth- Be careful of all the chemicals in a modern hospital and try to stay away from as many as possible. Being drugged up during the birth causes issues with bonding the mother baby pair and the baby can have trouble latching to the breast due to being drugged.
  • Vaccines- RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH AND THEN RESEARCH SOME MORE. You don’t want  to put this crap in your brand new baby, and you don’t want to have any injections while pregnant (Including the flu shot). These contain a lot of disgusting ingredients from Mercury to Aborted Fetal Cells and Tissue, Monkey Kidney cells, and many many more. Don’t let them pressure you, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.
  • Adjustment- Create a support plan for after the birth, so many mothers feel lonely and depressed right after birth, be sure to assign people to help with the housework and making meals, or just coming over to talk. So many people only focus on the new baby, and the new mother is left unsupported and alone. We must “Mother the Mother” and in doing so we are assisting the child as well, the baby needs it’s mother to survive so we must support the Mother during this difficult life transition.
  • Join in- Join some local mommy groups or breastfeeding support groups to get out and meet other parents who are going through similar transitions. It helps to not feel that we are alone in this process.

Most of all I just urge you all to take the Birth process and make it sacred once again and to trust your instincts. Women have been birthing in the woods, huts, out by the fire for centuries and only recently have humans taken birth out of the home and into a medical facility for sick people. Being pregnant and Birthing a baby isn’t a disease! It’s natural! And your body was MADE FOR IT! We must remove the fear from birth, and learn to trust our inner guidance system. If something doesn’t feel right to you, DON’T DO IT. Create a birth plan and make sure you trust your midwife or OB.  I offer myself if anyone has any questions or would like more information on anything I have written in this post, please feel free to message me. This is a part of my soul purpose, to help empower women and help them bring their children into this world with dignity and peace.

Don’t forget to RESEARCH! 😉  Here are a few videos to get you started!


Imbalance In Positive Polarity

I am aware of my own patterns of pushing my emotions aside, only focusing on the positive and hoping that the negative will fade away eventually. The Pleiadian aspect of myself was a part of the civilization when they were a young species, and they chose to only focus on the positive thoughts and emotions. This brought their entire species to become unbalanced. It took a long time until this energy that was repressed had to be released. They had to go to the Shamans and ask for help when an autoimmune virus took over their people and they couldn’t  find a cure. I see this same pattern happening today, in the new age community. Many people choose to only focus on the positive and they refuse to see the darker aspects of themselves. This can cause much heartache and frustration to those trying to live a spiritual life, and to evolve from their limited human perceptions. It is very important to face our inner demons, the dark night of our soul, to heal ourselves. This heals not only our current karmic issues, but also the karma from other lifetimes such as lives we lived in the Pleiades, such as my own experience. This is ancient wounds we are having surface, it isn’t pretty, but it must be expressed and healed. Pushing away “negative” feelings will only bring us further from our path and make it extremely difficult. I know it’s not fun to re-visit our ancient cosmic wounds, but it is necessary for our Ascension.  I try to take it one day at a time, when something arises that is unpleasant, instead of avoiding it, I accept it, and I face it head on. I try my best to stay in the moment and to take action, instead of reacting in old patterns. When we become whole, we must accept all parts of ourselves, and not all parts are going to be rainbows and unicorns (But some are ;)). I just hope to inspire others to not be afraid of your darkness. So many in the lightworker community will tell you otherwise. They may say it’s not important to accept all aspects of yourself, or that your other lives don’t matter. In the bigger picture we are playing out karma from our other lifetimes, some that weren’t so pleasant, and we must heal these wounds at the root of the cause, this takes much bravery and determination to really go deep within. Meditation has assisted me in this area, and I ask my guides to help me accept all parts of myself and to show me where I still need healing and integration so that I can become whole and ascend.  We are very powerful beings, we have great potential, but it’s up to us to not make the same mistakes we did in our other lifetimes because this Earth life is happening in order to heal all galactic karmas and to bring us into unity with our soul. Not every planet has Free will or this special access to clearing karma, so it is a gift for us to be able to heal and move on as an evolved species. I’m trying not to fuck it up, just like you guys. We have each other to help support one another, so let’s heal this shit and ascend into greatness.

Message From Faery Land

My current FAVORITE card deck is The Fairies’ Oracle deck that I received from a dear friend. These are so helpful in really getting to the bottom of things, and just giving us the honest truth.

Today I am guided by my Fairy friends to use these cards in a reading so here it is.


Our first Fairy friend is Losgunna, The Frog Queen, and she comes to us today to tell us to step out into the unknown and to be adventurous. To discover our true selves and abilities. Her realm is both below and above the waters, Faery waters are made up of human emotions, so it can vary from sparkling to murky. This card is about exploring, and discovering our talents and potentials that have been long hidden from our past traumas and beliefs.


The next Faery card is, He of the Fiery Sword, and this represents an archetype such as Archangel Michael is to the Angelic Realms, the protector. Helping us by illuminating the truth with his sword. This card tells us to remember to call upon our protectors in times of great need. During this current shift on the planet, many may feel confused or afraid. It is not a time for fear, dear ones, it’s a time of Strength and Justice. Focus on the mission, and take action based on clear spiritual will.


Last, but not least, we have The Dark Lady, the high priestess of the Mysteries. She understand how to surrender to divine power, to Unity. She has profound intuitive knowledge and she knows she can trust it. She has gained this trust from looking deeply into her own being and nature. The Dark Lady is there during the moments of birth and death. She is with us as we are reborn along with the planet. This is a time of great light coming to the planet, and we are able to find comfort in the mysteries by just flowing, and letting go of all resistance or the illusion of control. She teaches us to surrender to divine will.

Many of you are going through a rebirth, a dying off of the old, and a birth of the new. As we move forward, it will be in your best interest to flow as water. To let go and trust in this process. We are all being guided by our higher self in every moment. It is our higher self we are learning to trust. Our higher aspects that we aren’t able to consciously feel or understand just yet. As we raise in vibration and cleanse the planet, there will be more knowledge coming and more tangible “evidence” of the higher self working through you. It is hard for humans to let go and trust an invisible force. We sometimes say “We’ll believe it, when we see it” And that is all wrong wrong wrong. Because in living this way you cut yourself off from the true magic all around you. You must Believe FIRST, That is where the magic lies. It is believing that will bring you those things that you want so deeply, and believing that will allow you to see other realms, and to know more information, bringing you to more understanding. We don’t have to know all of the answers right now, it’s a part of the game. We just need to trust and live from our heart space. When it gets scary outside of yourself, you can go within and there you will find your peace. There you will remember. There you will be Protected. As always, you can always call upon your star family, your angelic protectors and teachers, and many other loving light beings to assist you. With the law of non-interference we MUST ask for help. And we must believe that we are worthy of that assistance!!  It is time to let go and release anything left in your being that is not of love. Ask your Angels to assist you in this process. It is a great time to be incarnated here, as we will all witness the breathtaking beauty of seeing ourselves unravel into our true selves. It is magical to see everyone else unfolding their wings and finally seeing the light, living it, and anchoring it. It’s a blessing to experience, to just BE here and take part.

Many of you will be releasing large amounts of old emotions left buried for eons. It may be helpful to use the element of water to allow this to flow through you with more ease and grace. You can do this in the shower or bath, just envision your old emotions, traumas, and fear leaving your body and entering into the water, being washed away and transmuted by the violet flame.


As always, I am here to support the starseeded ones, if you need assistance I offer healing sessions, readings, and just an energetic safe space if you need it. ❤

Many Blessings & Faery Dust!

Stellarpax- FREE With Mary Rodwell and other experts

For those experiencers who want to share their story about connecting with extraterrestrials, has just opened and it’s an awesome place to share and connect. I have a profile on there and so far have met some very cool people with similar experiences. Mary Rodwell an extraterrestrial expert along with other experts in her field have joined together to create a community for experiencers. It is just up and running but I feel it’s going to be very helpful to help others feel comfortable in sharing their experiences and making it less of a taboo subject. It’s time for people to come together and share their stories of ET contact and awaken to the fact that there are loving beings working with us to help us evolve.