November 2016 Energy Update


February 9th Guidance

From what I have been receiving, we are all really integrating the light codes right now, some of us are having intense experiences, some of us are able to hold this new light more easily. All of us are having unique experiences. I am being told from Spirit, that all are to continue grounding, as we ground the light, we are bringing Earth up to Heaven, and assisting in her healing and Ascension.

I chose a few oracle cards for today, I received:

DANCE- CELEBRATION Telling us that we have arrived, we are doing the work necessary to bring forth great positive changes, and our guides are Celebrating our progress!

GREEN MAN- SYNERGY- Telling us that we are moving more into alignment with Nature, with the Natural Laws of the Universe. We are taking steps in coexisting with all creatures and plants, to live in Oneness and in Respect for Mother Earth and all of her ecosystems. This card also tells us to pay attention to nature, and to use nature as a natural healing modality, absorbing all the toxins and negative energies from your systems.


THE ALTAR PRIESTESS- Telling us we need to claim our power, and REMEMBER our greatness, and that we have unlimited opportunities to tap into! We weren’t sent here to the planet empty handed. Remember your abilities, and work on RE-Learning them and using them in your daily life. Number one intuitive ability to focus on, is moving through life focused in your heart center. This will always be your best way to stay aligned to Divine Will.


SACRED DIVINE UNION- Telling us that we are now merging ALL ASPECTS good/ bad, light/dark, ET/Human..ECT. Take time to focus on this Union consciously in meditation, visualizing Yourself, and all of your Soul fragments coming into communion, and becoming WHOLE. It is time, you have lived in separation for long enough dear ones. It is now time to accept your selves and that you really are bigger and better than you ever imagined from your human perception. Work with your Star and Angelic Family, they will assist you in this process. And the most important union of all, is that of the SELF. The true, authentic SELF. Your soul LIGHT. Needs to be integrated and acknowledged. Send yourself pure loving energies from on high. Bathe in the frequencies of your Soul Essence. REMEBER. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. TRUST IN THIS MEMORY. ALL MEMORIES ARE REAL. ALL OF THE LOVE YOU FEEL, IS REAL! Unite with all of your parts. YOU ARE WHOLENESS. ❤ It has already begun.

I wish to offer my own experiences in an attempt to say You’re not alone in this journey. I myself have been receiving energetic upgrades, great opening in the heart, and activation beyond normal the past few days. I felt I was in a sort of Standstill or Stagnancy. Now I am aware that many things are being assimilated and upgraded by me now. I take time each day to consciously allow it to happen, and to hold sacred space for  myself. At night I have been receiving a lot of energy in my feet, it feels like I am being shocked!! It is hard to lay still when it is happening. I try to flow with these experiences the best I can, but sometimes it is difficult. Trust that you’re not alone, you were never alone, and many of us are all experiencing things of this nature in our own individual way. Reach out and connect with others who are also awakening and being activated. I am always available to chat about Ascension symptoms, awakening, and your spiritual journey.


Lots of Blessings my friends! Enjoy this time, because I feel it’s really a preparation for something of Epic proportions! ❤


My Ormus Experience

Many starseeds are curious about this product, so I’m going to offer my own experience in hopes of inspiring you to do your research and try new things.


Many of us are mineral deficient in many areas due to farmers using agriculture method that is based on growing crops with the minimum of three elements, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. We develop structural mineral deficiency and then ingest toxins which disrupts hormonal and nervous systems, many people experience sickness because of this.

Ormus is Life Energy can be used on humans, animals, and crops and is needed to counter balance the death energy we are exposed to through our food, GMOs, Drinking water, Medicines, Electromagnetic Fields, and Radiation. This energy keeps us dumb, sick, and distracted. Ormus gives you trillions of monatomic elements connecting you to your subtle energy body restoring the proper flows of life- force energy to the physical body. It helps to bring the body back into ease from dis-ease and provides the correct energetic template for correct future cellular regeneration.

As a healer, I have worked very hard to focus on self healing and working through my own personal issues so that I can serve the whole more effectively. I am trying to undo years of damage to my cells from having a very toxic lifestyle. Ormus has been very helpful in my own life. I’ve felt much healthier physically, mentally, spiritually, and mainly energetically. I feel like my light body is turned on and I am much more easily connecting with my guides and able to access altered states of consciousness. I take One teaspoon with water daily, and have noticed great benefits from using it. I’ve found it much easier to meditate and remain at a centered space. Since I have had recent energetic upgrades, I am trying to recharge myself as best possible. I’ve noticed a big change in my channeling abilities and being very in tune with my higher self at all times. I have been able to sense my guides much more easily. I am opening up to new beings and other aspects of self regularly. I feel like my energy field is just much more clear and crisp and aligned. If you are curious about trying out Ormus, Just try it out, you may feel better taking it. I don’t feel everyone has to go out and use this product, but that many people who are focused on bringing forth the Ascension may be interested in trying it. Those of us who are working with energy in channeling or energy healing could really benefit.

I got my Royal  Elixer Ormus at the following Etsy Shop. Very high quality.

Royal Ormus Etsy Shop.










Channeled Reading from The Angels

At this time we are evolving. We are raising in our vibration, and our DNA is beginning to activate. This is a very natural process that happens in all of creation. The time now is for positive change. We are suddenly being brought forward in our evolution, things are aligning to bring us to our highest destiny. We are awakening to the beings of light we have always been, but have forgotten. We have a lot of help from the higher dimensions from the very spiritually evolved and loving light beings. It is time to accept help from the Angels, Ascended masters, Positive ETs such as the Pleidians, and the Arcturians. If you feel your life is out of balance or you are having trouble receiving these light codes into your cellular structures, call upon the family of light. Currently many humans are stressed and living very focused in the physical realm. This can cause issues energetically, and it’s important to find a balance between the spiritual and physical dimensions. If you are feeling ungrounded, spend time in nature and connect with the crystalline core in the center of Mother Earth. If you are spending too much time around electronics and lower vibrational energies, Take time out each day to find your center and be still. Focusing on your inner world and making it brighter and more calm will help aid you in bringing forth a beautiful and peaceful outer world.  A new cycle is beginning, marked by the great wheel, reflecting how all reality, from the microcosm of the atom to the macrocosmic universe, is cyclical. Everything spins. Everything is in motion. Our cycle of being asleep has completed. The number I received is 10. This is the perfect number in mathematical terms. The number 1 resonates with the attributes of self-leadership and assertiveness, new beginnings and motivation, activity and progress, achievement and success. Number 0  is the number of the ‘God’ force and Universal Energies and reinforces, amplifies and magnifies the vibrations of the numbers it appears with.  Number 0 relates to developing one’s spiritual aspects and is considered to represent the beginning of a spiritual journey and highlights the uncertainties that may entail.  It suggests that you listen to your intuition and inner wisdom as this is where you will find all of your answers. The wheel is turning, and now we begin the new cycle. “What comes around ,goes around.” What we put out into the world and what efforts we put forth will come back to us multiplied, and quickly now that we have moved forward in our process of evolution.  As we move into becoming our full potential as light beings, remain aware and mindful of each choice you make, and each intention you focus on. Manifestation is happening very rapidly and what you focus on matters greatly. Pay attention to the energies coming in we are about to enter into a very powerful time astrologically. March 16/17 is the final Uranus square pluto. The repercussions for this will last all year long. We also have a solar eclipse on the 20th, A solar eclipse is like a super charged new moon. The moon comes between the Sun and Earth interrupting the flow of energy. It’s like a cosmic reboot.The Moon blots out the solar, left brain energy so the lunar right brain can take over. This makes the unconscious, conscious, like suddenly being aware that you are dreaming. The effect is like a lucid dream. During an eclipse we might get that feeling of sudden, shocking awareness, so we could do anything!! Sometimes this is so awesome that we don’t even know what to do, others even become fearful of their own power. The eclipse is like uncharted territory, a blank canvas to decide what you want in your life. If you feel unbalanced check into Orgonite to help purify your vibrations. WAKE UP! It’s time to step into your power as MASTERS and caretakers of Mother Earth. ❤

Book Recomendation for our Galactic Heritage “The Prism of Lyra”

A beautiful light being friend of mine has recommended this book to me. I had received guidance to read a book about Lyra and was recommended this one. “The Prism of Lyra” An exploration of Human galactic heritage. By Lyssa Royal & Keith Priest. This book will blow your mind. I always see people debating extraterrestrial information in groups and chuckle to myself. This book will answer every question you have about where we came from and how different extraterrestrial races have evolved and became what they are today.

This book includes all the information you need as starseeds to understand who you are! Highly recommend this read to every starseed on Earth. So glad that the universe aligned and A beautiful friend led me to this book.

This book also talks about the different dimensions and the struggle between light and dark and how we are here to integrate both into balance. When you read this book it really helps you understand how the dark ones have become how they are and why and you begin to relate to why things happened the way that they did. I truly enjoyed reading this and feel like it took me on a journey to my self. This is the story of you! The story of how the humans became and how we were created. Our galactic heritage is much more complex than we’ve been led to believe and it’s time you wake up to the truth. If you have any questions about extraterrestrials and the different races that are interacting with Earth this is the book for you.

After reading this I realize the ones I felt were the dark ones are also our family. We all came from the same source, and we must integrate to return to source. All this time the battle between good and evil  in our universe has finally came to earth and it’s our responsibility to integrate our shadow self with our light and return to our home.