Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Pisces

As we move into the Third Quarter phase of the moon cycle this month, this is a time when the Sun and Moon are opposite in the sky. This is a time of great polarity between our feminine and masculine within, but it is also a time of maturity and the culmination of plans we created during the New Moon. On September 16th we will have a Full Moon Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces.
 This eclipse’s aspects are Square Mars.
This square means that there may be friction developing between Mars and the Moon as they will challenge one another. The moon is very feminine and connects us to our intuition while Mars is about action and self defense, very masculine in nature. There will be a pulling from both polarities, and it’s up to us to find a balance and remain centered.
Another aspect, Quincunx Venus.
The Quincunx joins two signs that don’t share a quality, element, or gender, so they have trouble communicating with one another. This can be a frustrating time as we have trouble finding the beauty and comfort that Venus normally brings us. Venus is also in charge of finances so be careful what you choose to spend your money on during this period, and choose only things that bring you joy. Venus also relates to our body’s sensory system- our body’s receptors. Try to find the time to do things that bring you comfort to help adjust this aspect.
The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces brings much needed silence and meditation as we all will be experiencing hormonal changes and a need to induce trance like states. Try to avoid overdoing it with substances to achieve this state. Take the time necessary to find your center and don’t use drugs to escape from the harshness of reality. Many of us will feel emotionally triggered and vulnerable. This can be a very spiritual time for us, so if you want to join together with others and do prayer ceremonies for the water and the indigenous peoples now would be a great time. When the moon is in Pisces, our boundaries are low, so we can feel attacked easily, try to not overthink any interactions involving drama with others, you may just be extremely sensitive right now.
Fixed Stars for this Eclipse, Markab and Sadalbari in Pegasus.
The Pegasus constellation has much to do with Fluctuating emotions, Over Reacting, Attention Seeking and then if we don’t receive love we may try to get attention in negative ways or drama. So be careful what you say and what you choose to send energy towards during this time.
We all need as much rest and meditation as possible during this time and of course to ground ourselves and be in nature to help us feel stable and secure.   Don’t let yourself fall for any petty arguments or other nonsense. Remain centered in your hearts and just ride the watery wave of this Pisces Full Moon Eclipse energy. Be careful not to fall into the Neptunian trap of over-sensitivity, which could make you feel depressed and hopeless. Put this spiritual moon sign to it’s highest use by meditating, attending rituals, or chanting.

Lots of Love & Stardust!

Star Teams Update

Tuning in to see what information is available to assist us on this current shift and transition.


Many of us are moving through the karmic lessons from our galactic lifetimes, these are the ones that a majority are facing right now.


These are from different aspects of our “past” “parallel” or “future” timelines that need to be addressed in this current lifetime to heal it fully and to evolve more easily and quickly.

Many of us are pushing too far with our Stubbornness, we are trying to awaken the masses, and push it in a violent way. This is very noticed in the lightworker community, where people will push awakening upon people who are not yet ready for it. We all awaken at a specific time in our lives, we are just here to hold the space for these beings when they are ready. It’s not your job to frighten people into awakening forcefully.


This karmic lesson also ties into the Saving Humanity aspect, many of us came down here to assist and became entwined in the Earths Karmic cycle, and we are now cutting this tie as we allow the Earth humans to awaken on their own as we just hold the light and hold the wisdom within their reach. Just being incarnated here is assisting, you don’t have to save the entire planet, and there are many other energies assisting so don’t feel like you have the weight of saving the planet and humanity on your shoulders. You can release this burden from your soul like a giant sandbag. It is not in your highest good to be a martyr and to forget about yourself in the process of Awakening others.


Many Starseeds are coming to know their dreams to be truths, receiving guidance, and having conscious contact experiences during the dream time. This is a special place for you to all reconnect with your Star Family and to be refreshed  so that you can do your mission here. Take advantage of this sacred portal to home, it can bring you much wisdom and healing when you set intentions for it to do so. Pay attention to your dreams and write them down before they fade away. They are keys to your Ascension, and you may find it helpful to remember them and to look back on them and see how much you have grown. Pay attention to any symbols, animals, numbers in your dreams these are messages from your Star Command. Sometimes we just receive symbols and messages to let us know we’re not alone and we’re greatly supported. There isn’t always something you must do in the physical world when you receive guidance. Be open to reuniting with your other aspects in the dream time, this is the easiest place for your other selves to contact you, although your conscious mind may push the encounter out of your memory because it has been conditioned to think this is an “untrue” event. You can ask your higher self to set up meetings with your guides, hybrid children, Star Family, or Angels. When you consciously work with your higher self asking for assistance during your dream time, you take more of a co creative position and you can learn and grow more from your dream experiences.


Many of us are feeling the push forward, we don’t know exactly where we are going, but we know we are making movement. This is a great time to just let yourself be, don’t push yourselves too hard to expand and grow. This is sort of like when the cocoon first opens up, the butterfly must let it’s wings dry before it can fly away. It is a good time to nourish yourself and prepare yourself for flight.

I’ve heard of many people complaining about symptoms from the new codes coming in, so that really makes me feel that we are pushing ourselves too hard. We are trying too hard to remain in that comfortable energy of the known, it is time to release ourselves from society’s standards and know that it’s okay to just BE, Without so much doing and busyness. The problem with trying to ascend in this kind of society structure is that there is so many distractions and technology we feel we must always be entertaining ourselves or DOING something physically. Trust that you are doing all you need to do here in every moment, and sometimes that is just breathing and taking a moment for yourself out of your busy life.

The main message from spirit right now is, SLOWWWWWWW DOWWWNNNNNNNN.

Hehehe, It is difficult with all the pressure from society, our families, our own pressures we place on ourselves. But it is worth it to refresh and realign ourselves for the next phase.

I wish you all many blessings!


February 9th Guidance

From what I have been receiving, we are all really integrating the light codes right now, some of us are having intense experiences, some of us are able to hold this new light more easily. All of us are having unique experiences. I am being told from Spirit, that all are to continue grounding, as we ground the light, we are bringing Earth up to Heaven, and assisting in her healing and Ascension.

I chose a few oracle cards for today, I received:

DANCE- CELEBRATION Telling us that we have arrived, we are doing the work necessary to bring forth great positive changes, and our guides are Celebrating our progress!

GREEN MAN- SYNERGY- Telling us that we are moving more into alignment with Nature, with the Natural Laws of the Universe. We are taking steps in coexisting with all creatures and plants, to live in Oneness and in Respect for Mother Earth and all of her ecosystems. This card also tells us to pay attention to nature, and to use nature as a natural healing modality, absorbing all the toxins and negative energies from your systems.


THE ALTAR PRIESTESS- Telling us we need to claim our power, and REMEMBER our greatness, and that we have unlimited opportunities to tap into! We weren’t sent here to the planet empty handed. Remember your abilities, and work on RE-Learning them and using them in your daily life. Number one intuitive ability to focus on, is moving through life focused in your heart center. This will always be your best way to stay aligned to Divine Will.


SACRED DIVINE UNION- Telling us that we are now merging ALL ASPECTS good/ bad, light/dark, ET/Human..ECT. Take time to focus on this Union consciously in meditation, visualizing Yourself, and all of your Soul fragments coming into communion, and becoming WHOLE. It is time, you have lived in separation for long enough dear ones. It is now time to accept your selves and that you really are bigger and better than you ever imagined from your human perception. Work with your Star and Angelic Family, they will assist you in this process. And the most important union of all, is that of the SELF. The true, authentic SELF. Your soul LIGHT. Needs to be integrated and acknowledged. Send yourself pure loving energies from on high. Bathe in the frequencies of your Soul Essence. REMEBER. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. TRUST IN THIS MEMORY. ALL MEMORIES ARE REAL. ALL OF THE LOVE YOU FEEL, IS REAL! Unite with all of your parts. YOU ARE WHOLENESS. ❤ It has already begun.

I wish to offer my own experiences in an attempt to say You’re not alone in this journey. I myself have been receiving energetic upgrades, great opening in the heart, and activation beyond normal the past few days. I felt I was in a sort of Standstill or Stagnancy. Now I am aware that many things are being assimilated and upgraded by me now. I take time each day to consciously allow it to happen, and to hold sacred space for  myself. At night I have been receiving a lot of energy in my feet, it feels like I am being shocked!! It is hard to lay still when it is happening. I try to flow with these experiences the best I can, but sometimes it is difficult. Trust that you’re not alone, you were never alone, and many of us are all experiencing things of this nature in our own individual way. Reach out and connect with others who are also awakening and being activated. I am always available to chat about Ascension symptoms, awakening, and your spiritual journey.


Lots of Blessings my friends! Enjoy this time, because I feel it’s really a preparation for something of Epic proportions! ❤


Imbalance In Positive Polarity

I am aware of my own patterns of pushing my emotions aside, only focusing on the positive and hoping that the negative will fade away eventually. The Pleiadian aspect of myself was a part of the civilization when they were a young species, and they chose to only focus on the positive thoughts and emotions. This brought their entire species to become unbalanced. It took a long time until this energy that was repressed had to be released. They had to go to the Shamans and ask for help when an autoimmune virus took over their people and they couldn’t  find a cure. I see this same pattern happening today, in the new age community. Many people choose to only focus on the positive and they refuse to see the darker aspects of themselves. This can cause much heartache and frustration to those trying to live a spiritual life, and to evolve from their limited human perceptions. It is very important to face our inner demons, the dark night of our soul, to heal ourselves. This heals not only our current karmic issues, but also the karma from other lifetimes such as lives we lived in the Pleiades, such as my own experience. This is ancient wounds we are having surface, it isn’t pretty, but it must be expressed and healed. Pushing away “negative” feelings will only bring us further from our path and make it extremely difficult. I know it’s not fun to re-visit our ancient cosmic wounds, but it is necessary for our Ascension.  I try to take it one day at a time, when something arises that is unpleasant, instead of avoiding it, I accept it, and I face it head on. I try my best to stay in the moment and to take action, instead of reacting in old patterns. When we become whole, we must accept all parts of ourselves, and not all parts are going to be rainbows and unicorns (But some are ;)). I just hope to inspire others to not be afraid of your darkness. So many in the lightworker community will tell you otherwise. They may say it’s not important to accept all aspects of yourself, or that your other lives don’t matter. In the bigger picture we are playing out karma from our other lifetimes, some that weren’t so pleasant, and we must heal these wounds at the root of the cause, this takes much bravery and determination to really go deep within. Meditation has assisted me in this area, and I ask my guides to help me accept all parts of myself and to show me where I still need healing and integration so that I can become whole and ascend.  We are very powerful beings, we have great potential, but it’s up to us to not make the same mistakes we did in our other lifetimes because this Earth life is happening in order to heal all galactic karmas and to bring us into unity with our soul. Not every planet has Free will or this special access to clearing karma, so it is a gift for us to be able to heal and move on as an evolved species. I’m trying not to fuck it up, just like you guys. We have each other to help support one another, so let’s heal this shit and ascend into greatness.