Message from Inner Earth




I was shown an umbilical cord and that I was connected to the Inner Earth in this way, and that this connection can’t be broken. I was led into a corridor of rainbow light into the center of the Earth. I see it as a giant Pearl, which I felt represented a lot about the space.


[The pearl is a lunar symbol, also representing water and woman. These primary meanings are seen on a universal scale, throughout mythology. They are attributes of angelic perfection, which is only achieved by transmutation, and not freely given.]

It was a bright white and I also saw some Golden light floating about. I was shown the space for the Priests and Priestess’s who are constantly sending Mother Earth’s surface with light to awaken humanity. I was told that they were connected to the Root system of the trees, and it was a lot like Avatar the Movie how the trees are alive and they are a network sending messages to Inner Earth constantly.I felt like the being I connected with that was my Inner Earth Aspect was deer like or kangaroo like in nature, but humanoid.

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I’ve never seen a being like this before.  I then asked what message that my Inner Earth aspect wanted to impart to the humans was. I received: that I am to tell the humans about their connection to the Inner Earth Realm, and that they are all also a part of this underground interstellar communication mothership. I see the energies coming from the center and coming out into the planet in a toroidal  shape. This is where a lot of the energies are coming from for our awakening. There are other sources, but a lot of it comes from the Inside of the Earth itself. This is why it is so important for you to ground during awakening and intense activations, it helps the energies to flow through you and to where they are meant to go more easily. The Earth is much more galactic in nature than many would like you to believe. It is a ship, and we are all a part of it. I was shown how when the humans become more aware of the galactic purpose of awakening being beamed onto the surface from within, they will see that yes it all comes from WITHIN. Even the Earth Mother’s heart is activating and sending love to all of her cells, all of her inhabitants and in doing do, she awakens us, we are her cells. Its like a giant reminder for us to see how interconnected it all is, and that the Center, Middle,Inside is the very core we need to reconnect with to ascend. As we all go within, and remember the secrets buried among many past lives of pain, we all will begin to recognize the importance of the core, the source of the planet which is like a trigger for you to remember your own core, your heart space and how important it is to your journey. Remember the Heart Trinity of the Galactic Center, the Earths Center, and your Heart center. It is an ancient connection and when aligned it will activate you in a very deep way along with all those you have around you in your life. Remember to connect with the center of the earth, the wise beings there who have held sacred knowledge all along. They can be found if you follow your roots deep into Inner Earth.


Angel Reading March 17 2015

I’ve connected with the Angels on this powerful day to see what we need to know for our highest good and evolution.  I’ve received that it’s time for us to forgive ourselves, and others for anything  that has transpired knowingly or unknowingly by all parties. It’s a time to release this lower energy of bitterness and resentment from our psyche and karma. Forgiving doesn’t mean the trauma didn’t happen, it means you choose to move on from it with a fresh perspective, you deserve to feel happiness fully. Bitterness eats away at our energy slowly and eventually can cause us to have resentment and anger towards ourselves and others. It’s important to always set boundaries with others if you are around people who hurt your feelings or treat you with disrespect. You can set boundaries in a loving way, and by being respectful to others, you are showing them how you expect to be treated. Now is the time to take action, and cut cords with all those you have hurt or who have hurt you in the past. The time has come to let go and release! You can be assertive in a kind heart centered way. You don’t deserve to be mistreated, you are sacred and you are a part of source. You deserve to free yourself from the prison of illusion. You are in control it’s time to be assertive, and take action in your life. Release all that no longer serves you and write it down in your journal, ask the universe to help you let go. Also, now is a great time to write down what you DO want to manifest in your life. Ask your Angels to help you in this process. We are at a point in our evolution that we must choose to move forward with the new earth, or to stay behind with the matrix. By choosing to forgive you will free up more room in your being for the light to shine. By shining your light you will help the collective and Mother Earth integrate the new energies coming from the Great Central Sun to cleanse and activate us. During this time keep a bubble of light around you always, use whatever color you feel you need to use. Your Angelic Helpers are always available for help, utilize this aid in every situation you come across. Ask them for help, and ask for clear signs in the physical to help you on your path. We are in a monumental time and the new Golden Age has arrived. It is up to us to cleanse and make room for the light, the knowledge and wisdom of source to shine through us and activate us to our highest potential. Adonai.

Connecting to Angels using Angelite

The following is some information from about Angelite and how it can help you to connect more with the Angelic Realms. You can use it during meditation while channeling the Angels. You can carry it with you to keep you connected always. Highly recommend this crystal for those beginning to open up to the Angelic Realms.
Angelite (Anhydrite)As its name suggests, Angelite (also called Anhydrite) has a connection to the higher realms, facilitating angelic communication.  It is a very soothing, peaceful, and uplifting stone quite helpful during times of transition.  Angelite (Anhydrite) is one of a group of higher vibrational crystals that can assist in smoothing the way for vibrational shifts, awareness and ascension.  Others in the group include: Morganite, Danburite, Kunzite, Selenite, Phenacite, Petalite and Celestite.

Angelite heals and clears the Throat, Third-Eye, and Crown Chakra, and sends energy to the Soul Star Chakra that lies 6 inches above the head.  The higher vibrations sent to these chakras allows for greater spiritual growth, enhanced intuition, and clearer communication.  Angelite’s ability to unblock the upper chakras clears the area to allow for the influx of higher vibrational information coming into the auric field, to be processed by the lower chakras.

Angelite (Anhydrite) can be used during meditation to enhance the meditative state, and to clarify issues in one’s current situations as they arise.  By depositing inspiration from guides, guardians and/or angels into the chakras, Angelite allows them to be integrated into the whole, even after one is done working with the stone.