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Remembering ISIS – Being an Initiate

I’ve been closely in tune with the Goddess ISIS lately. I have remembered being an initiate in the sacred temples of Egypt. I remember a time when the light needed to be filtered through a pure soul and that soul was mine. This was to not hurt the people, for the pure light from Source was so powerful it could kill them. I was the conduit to bring through this pure light to the people. I was protected from the outside life and stayed in the temple with my sisters and brothers who also did this healing work.We would work in groups of Twelve at times to help regulate energy fields of the planet. We had sacred knowledge that was kept from the common people. We knew how to manifest and manipulate energy for the highest good. We could change form and become invisible to others.  We were guarded from the outside to keep any outsiders out except for those who came for healing. This time was so much different than our current society. Everyone honored us for our work, and we honored the Godhead and healed in a sacred way. The people began to believe the gold was what was healing them rather than the pure white light, so they began to worship it thinking it would have the same results. Things began to change as they stopped honoring our work and many of us had to be protected and we had to protect the light source we held sacred in the temples. This is when the people began to riot against us and our work was done. We did all we could do, saved all we could, but we had to go somewhere else. I believe this place was Lemuria.

Energy Update April 26th 2016

Dear Brave Souls,

It sure has been challenging, but many of us are moving forward despite them. If you feel like the Universe is throwing all it can at you, take a step back and try to observe yourself before reacting. Are some of these situations super familiar to issues you’ve had in the past? Are you being tested to see if you can use your newly gained wisdom to move through with more ease instead of reacting from your “old self” again. Many of us are revisiting old wounds and experiences, we are being given a chance to Act instead of Re-act. When we find our center and ask for our highest guidance we can approach these challenges with less difficulties.

Here are a few cards I pulled for today:

CEREMONY – Invocation- Be sure to ask your council of guides and angelic helpers to assist you and ask them to help light you when you feel you are falling into a dark period. You must call upon assistance on behalf of Mother Earth and her people. You are an Earth Ambassador, it is time for you to fulfill your duties as her Guardian by anchoring as much light as possible into her field. You can do this by walking in nature, energetically sending down strings of light into the Earth, Honoring the Animal and Plant Kingdoms as Sacred, and Working with the Faery Beings.


WATERFALL-Effortless- We are asked to flow without forcing things at this time, just like the waterfall. The waterfall doesn’t make decisions, it just goes with the flow and does what it needs to do in every moment. Live in the present moment and listen to your guidance. Feel things through your heart space and know that things coming to you are for your highest good and evolution.


AUTUMNAL EQUINOX- Release- It is time to set yourself free from all past baggage, let yourself be lifted up with these new energies, allow yourself to see the world differently as you are shown new doors on your journey. Try to see yourself from your Higher self’s point of view, seeing all the good and harmony in the world, and focusing on the positive. What we focus on now will become the foundation for the New Earth. It’s important we honor each other, Honor Our Planet, and Honor the process.

(There is a lot of energies being focused and shared into your field when you connect online through social media, it’s a good idea to take breaks from this technology when you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes all that information is overwhelming to Starseeds. Take time to recenter )


So many people have been coming to me, stressed out, traumatized, and just exhausted. Now is not the time to freak out, lets all take a very deep breathe and just let everything go. You aren’t in control of anything besides your own vibration and what you bring to the world. So focus on that power you have, and use it to your advantage. If you are having challenges and are just exhausted with being here, you aren’t alone. We can all unite energetically via the golden energy grid of Starseeds and we can support one another this way. Sending light to each other is a great way to help others and receive energetic support. You didn’t come here alone, and you have many many helpers on the other side of the veil, ask them for assistance and be crystal clear when delegating tasks to them. In stressful moments remember to breathe, and remember that you are special to this process, and you are doing great things for all of Humanity!