June 2016 Reading for Starseeds


Clearing of Fear

The Lunar Eclipse energy is really bringing much fear to the surface to be cleared. Many of us are facing our fears during the dream time. I myself have had personal experiences for two nights in a row where I am facing things I am fearful of. Fear can’t just be removed, it must be faced and in doing so, that frees us from it’s chains. So many of us are still carrying around baggage from past lives and emotional trauma from childhood. This all must be cleared for us to enter into the new phase of Ascension. We can’t fully embody our higher self when we still carry the energy of fear.  The ETs have mentioned many times that they will never land or show themselves if it would create just a pin drop of fear. The higher beings can’t tolerate the fear energy and they will not create any fear by intervening with humans. I am seeing that we must all continue this process so that we can exist in the higher realms, the New Earth which is really just us finally embodying our higher selves. I can feel that all the work we are doing collectively is really making a huge difference. You may feel small down here, like you can’t change the world, but you are doing it! The shumann resonance is raising higher and higher than before. We are healing, and we are becoming more and more our true identity as pure light beings. I feel things are going to happen in a sort of flash, once we are all at the high enough vibration we will flash into our light bodies, and we will finally be freed from the physical limitations. I feel each day we get closer and closer, and it’s all because of the great work you all are doing. So many of us lightworkers and Starseeds are straight up burnt out, I for one am there. I am trying to push through and do what I came to do, but I am exhausted. I have began to pass the torch on to younger lightworkers who are eager to learn and be of service. I am grateful to these young souls who are coming to take over. Many of us have been doing this work for  longer than we can really imagine while in these human vessels. It is time to relax and rest for a lot of us. So be gentle with yourself and trust that even if you don’t think you’re doing enough, you are. All will be rewarded in divine timing.

How to Be Discerning

Many times Guides and Angels will recommend that we be “Discerning” of all our information we are absorbing. What does this really mean?

To be Discerning, is to live your life navigating with your heart in every moment. When you hear anything, sense anything, feel anything, Let it come through your heart space first. Let it settle there for a moment, then ask yourself “Does this feel like MY truth? Does this FEEL right for me? Does this align with my Higher Self?” Most of all being discerning is to help you not sway yourself by anothers’ perspective. We all have our own stories, missions, and purposes here. It’s important for us to remain unique in the sense of our own soul frequency. Many people follow channels who publicly release channeled materials, each of these channels in my honest opinion, are channeling “Their truth” so what is true for them, may not be true for you. This goes for all the information I channel as well. I feel that there isn’t really negative channels, only channels who are lower in vibration than others. You will attract the information that is right for you in the moment, what resonates for you one day may disgust you another. Be fluid with your information sources, and allow yourself to flow freely and not get stuck upon only one source of information. The most important source of information and guidance is your heart space, and for humans, this seems odd or even unreal that a space in your heart is this powerful and helpful. I assure you that your heart space is a PORTAL a doorway to the multidimensional YOU! This is the tool that your guides and angels use when you channel and receive guidance. This space is sacred and only the highest vibrational information can come through this portal. This is why I always tell people to Listen with their hearts, and to let their hearts guide them in every way. This isn’t some new age mumbo jumbo, this is a real tool for you to connect to yourself, tune in to your highest guidance and to really follow your own path. Those of us who channel information for the good of all do our best to remain clear channels and not muddy up the frequencies by our own conditioning and experiences. I feel those of us who do channel are doing a valuable service, especially to those just awakening. But there is more to this process, after listening to channeled information, you are to BECOME THE CHANNEL. You are to nurture your own abilities and remember that you also are powerful enough to bring in this sacred information and language of light. Everyone can connect, it is up to each person to put in the time and effort and to build up trust with their multidimensional self. Many are afraid that they may bring in “negative” energies or something bad will happen to them, this fear keeps them from becoming a pure channel. So if you want to be discerning and march to the beat of your own drum, I just offer my advice to continue opening your heart and be sure to remove all fear and doubt from your life and use your sacred heart portal to connect to your true essence. This practice will never lead you astray, and you will always be comforted by your loving guides and angels. They are assisting you, making sure that you are always on your path and that you are protected in every moment. Your heart is so much more powerful than you have been lead to believe. This is one of your main energy sources, one area in your body where no darkness can hide. When you live in your heart space, nothing can affect you and you are able to be at peace in every moment. This energy center has been shut down in the past because many misused this power. It is now time for us to open back up this powerful tool and use it for the good of all of humanity.

Galactic Heritage Reading


We are on the path towards Enlightenment. We are collectively becoming more HUMANE. Becoming more LOVING. I see it in the small acts of kindness everyday, I see it in humans helping other humans. We are shifting and as we continue to shift we are becoming that which we have always dreamed of subconsciously, a better world, a new system, a NEW EARTH. It is happening and I see many awakening each day open to the universal flow, starseeds are fulfilling their missions, we are becoming ONE and awakening to the truth that we are all connected and as we connect further we will continue to become more powerful, more loving, more in the flow of the universe. We are transcending polarity, we are doing what we came here to do, and we have reached a new phase now. This is uncharted territory for us, and little bits are still arising to be transmuted and accepted. It is now time to accept all of YOU, ALL aspects of self. See the UNITY of CREATION in all things. Breathe with Mother Earth and allow yourself to feel her HEART BEATING within you. You are a part of her. And she is a part of you. We all are working together in a magical flow as we take steps to continue on the path to higher consciousness. I feel people are beginning to go within instead of seek for answers outside of themselves. For this truth has always been within you, and only was covered up with dense energies that had accumulated for many many years of being on this planet. As this fog lifts allow yourself to see the future as a bright new light, one that has never been seen before on this planet, one that is filled with a unified consciousness where everyone knows that they are an important piece to the puzzle of ONENESS. ❤ – Ahriellia

Transformational Journey

As we enter a new phase on our planet, I’ve realized my body needs different nutrients to feel my best. As lightworkers and starseeds are stepping into 5D they are realizing some of their old habits don’t align with their highest self and way of living. I’ve adapted my lifestyle by listening to my intuition and living more with my heart and listening to my intuition to know what choices are best for me. I have become vegetarian in the past few months something I had tried early in my life but couldn’t fully commit to. Eating meat is something I just can’t do any longer. I accidentally killed a frog when getting the garbage can out the other day and it literally broke my heart. I can’t stand the thought of killing another creature to eat it. If I was in a survival situation I would do what was necessary to survive, but in this age we have the luxury of eating organic healthy foods and to get our protein from other sources. I only wish to inspire others to follow their intuition and become healthy in their own way. I have also added yoga to my spiritual practice along with spending time in nature for extra grounding. Do what feels best for you, your body will tell you what it needs. I drink a LOT of water and take probiotics daily to help support my healthy lifestyle. I also have taken my hula hooping more seriously to be active and move my body often. As the high vibrational energies continue to pour into our bodies, it’s important for us to nurture our temples. Here are a few things that I have found helpful on my journey. Click the picture to purchase, by buying through these links you are helping to support my family. ❤ Many blessings

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Angel Tarot Cards to help guide you

Orgonite pyramids for EMF protection and to help keep negative energy away

Angel Reading for This Summer

For this summer I feel the starseeds are really awakening and stepping into their power and their soul purpose. It’s a time that everyone will begin to be more open and authentic and helping to inspire other starseeds in this way. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition, because this is how your higher self is guiding you. If you feel a sudden urge to do something, do it! Every choice you make is Divine in nature. Everything is Divine. We need to accept this truth.  We have moved forward in our evolution process, and we have worked through our shadows. It is now nothing but light, and each day we will begin to see more magic in our lives this summer. As weather warms up and we are outside more we will ground into Mother Earth and this will help us keep a balance with the incoming energies. Be compassionate to other humans, not everyone is on the same spiritual path, and we must be kind to others that choose not to move forward in their spiritual evolution. We can work together, we support one another, as we are all connected. Every one of us is capable of self healing and self activation. By doing what we enjoy and love, we will activate further. If you can’t afford healing sessions, do them yourself, I am a firm believer that everyone is a healer. Just ask your highest most loving guides and angels to assist you in a meditation telling them you accept the healing. Archangel Michael will help everyone who wants to cut cords and cleanse their energy bodies. You are all capable of working with the angelic realms. Be open to connection and connect with an open heart. ❤