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Astral Encounters Changing

Lately my encounters in what I would call the Astral Realms have changed for me. I have been having more visions when floating between being awake and asleep lately.(This space has become brighter than it used to be, there is much more light there than ever before.)  I want to share my recent dreams, Starting with last night. I saw a very clear vision of a Wasp landing on my right arm. This is probably one of my worst fears, to get stung by a wasp. I felt like it was some trickster beings messing around with me, they could read my mind, they knew this was a fear of mine. I don’t like to go into the “darker experiences” that I have of paranormal activity, but so many people may benefit to know they aren’t alone in having these experiences. I then saw a brighter version of the Astral realm, seeing my bedroom only things were a bit different, and this is my main sign I am in the astrals when I see my own bedroom and things are just a tiny bit off, like I’m in a parallel world of some sort. I then saw the door was open and the lock and door knob were moving. I saw no beings, only the paranormal activity (Remember this is with my third eye, in the astral realm not my real bedroom door) Then the being or energy tried to close the door. I called out to Archangel Michael and Mother Mary. These are KEY things I do when I am in fact having an experience with a more lower vibrational being. First thing I do is ALWAYS AA MICHEAL, and if it’s extra sketchy I call MOTHER MARY too. So these are things I do regularly with funky energies. I then began to do some toning, beginning I said the “OM” sound, only once I opened my mouth It began to morph into the exact sounding humming that Lauren Hill hums in The Fugee’s Song “Ready or Not”. Talk about synchronicity..That song goes like this “Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide. I’m gonna find you, and make you love me…ect” Probably not exact, but it’s a song I know very well. It really showed me I was in fact having some kind of encounter with a being. My toning then seemed to do the trick and made the energy leave. I always really set up many protection measures before sleeping to avoid these things, but ya know, shit still happens. Sometimes I have to clear my home if things feel funky. I am not afraid, I am just aware and I know that the astral realm is changing and so there may be others having experiences where beings aren’t ready for all of our light and they are just trying their best to trick us and play with us in this way. No matter what these energies can’t do anything to harm you, and they know your true power so they are in fact afraid of our light.  I then was shown in my “dream” a white hankerchief which to me symbolized surrender, like they know I am sovereign and I have many Angelic Beings watching over me. These things are going to probably increase during the major shifting going on with the planet. Just be aware, Be in your Power, and Trust that nothing can harm you unless you give it permission by not being in your own Power and being in your own Heart Space as much as possible. Anytime I don’t feel good vibes in a dream or in my waking life, I just make it a point to Call in the Violet Flame which does wonders to help transmute that energy to a higher vibration. The brighter we become, the more others notice, it’s just inevitable.




I’ve also had a lot of physical symptoms of pregnancy lately, and had a dream where I was being prepared to give birth, and these are pretty clear signs that I am continuing to be a part of the hybrid children project. I think it was a girl, and she seemed really aquatic and angelic to me. The thing people don’t always talk about with this project is how real it is and feels, and how that you actually feel physically pregnant during the etheric pregnancy sometimes.

Striving for More


Here is the definition for Conscious:


  1. the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.
    “she failed to regain consciousness and died two days later”
    1. the awareness or perception of something by a person.
      plural noun: consciousnesses
      “her acute consciousness of Mike’s presence”
    2. the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.
      “consciousness emerges from the operations of the brain”

    I want to strive for more than just being awake and aware, I want to do things, create things, and evolve to the highest I possibly can.

Clearing of Fear

The Lunar Eclipse energy is really bringing much fear to the surface to be cleared. Many of us are facing our fears during the dream time. I myself have had personal experiences for two nights in a row where I am facing things I am fearful of. Fear can’t just be removed, it must be faced and in doing so, that frees us from it’s chains. So many of us are still carrying around baggage from past lives and emotional trauma from childhood. This all must be cleared for us to enter into the new phase of Ascension. We can’t fully embody our higher self when we still carry the energy of fear.  The ETs have mentioned many times that they will never land or show themselves if it would create just a pin drop of fear. The higher beings can’t tolerate the fear energy and they will not create any fear by intervening with humans. I am seeing that we must all continue this process so that we can exist in the higher realms, the New Earth which is really just us finally embodying our higher selves. I can feel that all the work we are doing collectively is really making a huge difference. You may feel small down here, like you can’t change the world, but you are doing it! The shumann resonance is raising higher and higher than before. We are healing, and we are becoming more and more our true identity as pure light beings. I feel things are going to happen in a sort of flash, once we are all at the high enough vibration we will flash into our light bodies, and we will finally be freed from the physical limitations. I feel each day we get closer and closer, and it’s all because of the great work you all are doing. So many of us lightworkers and Starseeds are straight up burnt out, I for one am there. I am trying to push through and do what I came to do, but I am exhausted. I have began to pass the torch on to younger lightworkers who are eager to learn and be of service. I am grateful to these young souls who are coming to take over. Many of us have been doing this work for  longer than we can really imagine while in these human vessels. It is time to relax and rest for a lot of us. So be gentle with yourself and trust that even if you don’t think you’re doing enough, you are. All will be rewarded in divine timing.

My Faith In Humanity

Today I was watching the movie “Home” which is a favorite in my house. The little Alien guy “O” Talks about how his species thought humans were just like Animals, and they lacked intelligence, and could be removed from their homes.(Like Humans do to animals, and other humans like the Native Americans ect.)  It sparked a little moment for me, and I could see how humans have been very barbaric in the past, and I know there is a lot more to our ancient past, lots of dark times that I am not even consciously aware of. I am aware of the barbaric ways of the human, I have survived giving birth in this society, and my child barely did, he still suffers from birth traumas and is considered Borderline for Autism and has Sensory Dysfunction Disorder. The foods we are fed and the water we drink is poisoned, and many of us are just trying to get by.


I think about how difficult it is to live here, and how stressful it is for others to survive on this planet. It hurts my heart, but I see a glimmer of hope and light, and that light grows each day. I see things shifting, I see people being good to other humans. Today I woke up and saw right away, a ladybug climbing on my ceiling and the ladybug to me is a sign of abundance. I try to go through all the things I am grateful for before getting out of bed, and this was as I saw the ladybug. Today I had a lot of really amazing experiences that I wasn’t expecting. I received gifts from the Universe, my mother calls me says she may be able to gift me her vehicle. A beautiful soul family member and friend of mine spontaneously sends me a gift of Fairy Tarot Cards and a piece of Moldovite. I am overwhelmed by the waves of gratitude I feel for these gifts. I have had a pretty rough month that I won’t go into details, but my family has been really struggling. I sometimes tell my guides, “Just cut my cords here Im done” I have the same struggles as the average human, and I sometimes become overwhelmed with my work here, and just being incarnated into this body. I have bad days where I want to stop being a lighthouse for others, and I want to just hide in my bed from the world. But some days I have so many synchronistic beautiful moments that I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s a strange experience to be so up and down on this roller coaster ride of ascension. Right now, I am just so in awe of watching the humans awaken, and watching people make really noticeable changes. I see how this is quickening for us all, how our paths have been accelerated and we are about to leap into the wonders behind the veil. We are all on the edge of our seats, awaiting for the next phase. I am so grateful to be here, and happy I have met so many loving beings, that have really given me faith in humanity. I used to not trust the humans, and I had a lot of judgment towards them as a species. I now can say that I am honored to be in a human body right now, along with so many other beautiful souls. I see you all shining, and it inspires me to continue my work, and do the best I can with what I have each day. In being an example for my family, and for others, I am really just being an example for myself, and all of my online community really keeps me aligned with my soul purpose here. Those of you who take time out of your day to just say “Yeah!!” or “Keep on shining” really touch my heart, and if it wasn’t for such a loving group of souls, I probably couldn’t handle doing this work out here in the public eye. For everyone I have met on my journey, I honor you, I thank you, and you mean more to me than you will ever know. Thank you for teaching me that humans can be kind, and even extremely loving. Our connections are sacred, and I am so very thankful for being here on the planet with such amazing souls. We’ve already shifted, it is done, we are there. Look how LOVING everyone is becoming. If you come from the peace in your heart, you will see it too. People are becoming softer, and gentle in their communicating. It is wonderful to observe, and to encourage it to continue. Keep it up humans you’re inspiring me to step up my game.

Angel Reading for This Summer

For this summer I feel the starseeds are really awakening and stepping into their power and their soul purpose. It’s a time that everyone will begin to be more open and authentic and helping to inspire other starseeds in this way. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition, because this is how your higher self is guiding you. If you feel a sudden urge to do something, do it! Every choice you make is Divine in nature. Everything is Divine. We need to accept this truth.  We have moved forward in our evolution process, and we have worked through our shadows. It is now nothing but light, and each day we will begin to see more magic in our lives this summer. As weather warms up and we are outside more we will ground into Mother Earth and this will help us keep a balance with the incoming energies. Be compassionate to other humans, not everyone is on the same spiritual path, and we must be kind to others that choose not to move forward in their spiritual evolution. We can work together, we support one another, as we are all connected. Every one of us is capable of self healing and self activation. By doing what we enjoy and love, we will activate further. If you can’t afford healing sessions, do them yourself, I am a firm believer that everyone is a healer. Just ask your highest most loving guides and angels to assist you in a meditation telling them you accept the healing. Archangel Michael will help everyone who wants to cut cords and cleanse their energy bodies. You are all capable of working with the angelic realms. Be open to connection and connect with an open heart. ❤

March 30th 2015 Angel Reading

One word. PASSION.

This is the message I’m getting, we are meant to focus on our passions at this time. We’re being asked to defend our decisions and the things that make us feel very passionate. Our passions are the path to our highest calling, our highest purpose to work towards during this lifetime. We must let go of all the muck that has kept us stuck in our limited beliefs and karma. It’s time for us to move forward and follow our highest excitement. By having patience and using your heart to decide the next step, you will be fully aligned with your higher self and this will lead you to your soul purpose. Your passions are not accidental, they are sign posts leading you to your soul. It’s important to have courage and believe in yourself, if you feel like you aren’t good enough or have enough money to do what you love, put your intentions out into the Universe that you are ready to begin your path to your dreams. Once we put out clear intentions the Universe will align with our frequency and help bring our dreams to our reality. Now is the time to KNOW THAT YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Stand up for your passions, Take time to practice and work towards your goals and dreams. Now is the chance to make your dreams come true. If you’ve been waiting until you have enough time or money to pursue your goals, you are focused on lack rather than abundance. The more you focus on abundance and attract miracles to yourself, the less you will feel stuck in the limited belief that there isn’t enough money or time for you, or that you aren’t good enough. The possibilities for you dear children, are infinite. You are the dream weaver. You are weaving your dreams into your experience, and it’s just like a magical fairy tale. You can have all the abundance you deserve, it’s just as simple as aligning with the frequency of your dreams and believing it to already be so!  Remember to ask your Angelic guides for assistance and ask for your dreams to come true or something even better! Sometimes we feel like our prayers aren’t answered, when in reality there is a bigger more magical plan that you could have never envisioned awaiting you in the future.  Now is the time to MANIFEST YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU DREAM IT TO BE. You are the creator and the artist of your experience. It’s time to make positive long term plans, and focus on your passions.