Energy Update April 26th 2016

Dear Brave Souls,

It sure has been challenging, but many of us are moving forward despite them. If you feel like the Universe is throwing all it can at you, take a step back and try to observe yourself before reacting. Are some of these situations super familiar to issues you’ve had in the past? Are you being tested to see if you can use your newly gained wisdom to move through with more ease instead of reacting from your “old self” again. Many of us are revisiting old wounds and experiences, we are being given a chance to Act instead of Re-act. When we find our center and ask for our highest guidance we can approach these challenges with less difficulties.

Here are a few cards I pulled for today:

CEREMONY – Invocation- Be sure to ask your council of guides and angelic helpers to assist you and ask them to help light you when you feel you are falling into a dark period. You must call upon assistance on behalf of Mother Earth and her people. You are an Earth Ambassador, it is time for you to fulfill your duties as her Guardian by anchoring as much light as possible into her field. You can do this by walking in nature, energetically sending down strings of light into the Earth, Honoring the Animal and Plant Kingdoms as Sacred, and Working with the Faery Beings.


WATERFALL-Effortless- We are asked to flow without forcing things at this time, just like the waterfall. The waterfall doesn’t make decisions, it just goes with the flow and does what it needs to do in every moment. Live in the present moment and listen to your guidance. Feel things through your heart space and know that things coming to you are for your highest good and evolution.


AUTUMNAL EQUINOX- Release- It is time to set yourself free from all past baggage, let yourself be lifted up with these new energies, allow yourself to see the world differently as you are shown new doors on your journey. Try to see yourself from your Higher self’s point of view, seeing all the good and harmony in the world, and focusing on the positive. What we focus on now will become the foundation for the New Earth. It’s important we honor each other, Honor Our Planet, and Honor the process.

(There is a lot of energies being focused and shared into your field when you connect online through social media, it’s a good idea to take breaks from this technology when you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes all that information is overwhelming to Starseeds. Take time to recenter )


So many people have been coming to me, stressed out, traumatized, and just exhausted. Now is not the time to freak out, lets all take a very deep breathe and just let everything go. You aren’t in control of anything besides your own vibration and what you bring to the world. So focus on that power you have, and use it to your advantage. If you are having challenges and are just exhausted with being here, you aren’t alone. We can all unite energetically via the golden energy grid of Starseeds and we can support one another this way. Sending light to each other is a great way to help others and receive energetic support. You didn’t come here alone, and you have many many helpers on the other side of the veil, ask them for assistance and be crystal clear when delegating tasks to them. In stressful moments remember to breathe, and remember that you are special to this process, and you are doing great things for all of Humanity!




Learn to Read Tarot Cards

I’ve been guided to do some very basic introduction videos for reading Tarot cards. This is for people who have zero experience and want to do self readings. I will maybe do some more videos going into depth with the major/minor arcana cards and some more information. I don’t want to intimidate the beginner from trying so I am offering this very simple start to learning how to work with the cards. Just remember to have fun! And don’t take yourself too seriously, let yourself open up and receive more than what the cards bring in. ❤ If anyone has any questions let me know, I love to talk about Tarot/Oracle readings!

June 2015 Reading

We are entering into a new gateway, we are being given a fresh start after immense clearing to our energetic bodies. Pay attention to your dreams, inspirations, and passions. It’s time to create the reality that you have always wanted. We’re being asked to trust in the divine plan and know that we already have all the guidance and support needed to achieve our highest callings. This is the time to focus on the moment. Live in each moment fully and listen to the universe. Any signs or coincidences set in front of you are messages telling you the way. Pay attention to any numbers you receive, and you can look them up online to receive more information from spirit. We can’t see the big picture, we’re never going to know ALL OF THE ANSWERS. Step into the unknown, even if it’s scary at first, once we know what its like on the other side of this gateway we aren’t going to have any fears whatsoever. It’s time to take action in the direction of your dreams! What have you always wanted in your life, take action in that direction. Take a leap of faith! Do something. Any little thing is helping you on your path, because the inspiration comes in energetically and as we take action it is creating that experience in the physical. Taking action is the first step in the physical to ABUNDANCE. Take some time this month to focus on what you want to create in your experience, and then to move forward. This is a new cycle, a new chance to open your heart and accept all of this unconditional love and abundance being offered to you. BE AWARE. LISTEN. THEN TAKE A STEP. It’s that simple. Wishing you many blessings for the Month of June! Be Empowered. You are so very powerful dear soul!

Angel Reading for This Summer

For this summer I feel the starseeds are really awakening and stepping into their power and their soul purpose. It’s a time that everyone will begin to be more open and authentic and helping to inspire other starseeds in this way. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition, because this is how your higher self is guiding you. If you feel a sudden urge to do something, do it! Every choice you make is Divine in nature. Everything is Divine. We need to accept this truth.  We have moved forward in our evolution process, and we have worked through our shadows. It is now nothing but light, and each day we will begin to see more magic in our lives this summer. As weather warms up and we are outside more we will ground into Mother Earth and this will help us keep a balance with the incoming energies. Be compassionate to other humans, not everyone is on the same spiritual path, and we must be kind to others that choose not to move forward in their spiritual evolution. We can work together, we support one another, as we are all connected. Every one of us is capable of self healing and self activation. By doing what we enjoy and love, we will activate further. If you can’t afford healing sessions, do them yourself, I am a firm believer that everyone is a healer. Just ask your highest most loving guides and angels to assist you in a meditation telling them you accept the healing. Archangel Michael will help everyone who wants to cut cords and cleanse their energy bodies. You are all capable of working with the angelic realms. Be open to connection and connect with an open heart. ❤

March 30th 2015 Angel Reading

One word. PASSION.

This is the message I’m getting, we are meant to focus on our passions at this time. We’re being asked to defend our decisions and the things that make us feel very passionate. Our passions are the path to our highest calling, our highest purpose to work towards during this lifetime. We must let go of all the muck that has kept us stuck in our limited beliefs and karma. It’s time for us to move forward and follow our highest excitement. By having patience and using your heart to decide the next step, you will be fully aligned with your higher self and this will lead you to your soul purpose. Your passions are not accidental, they are sign posts leading you to your soul. It’s important to have courage and believe in yourself, if you feel like you aren’t good enough or have enough money to do what you love, put your intentions out into the Universe that you are ready to begin your path to your dreams. Once we put out clear intentions the Universe will align with our frequency and help bring our dreams to our reality. Now is the time to KNOW THAT YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Stand up for your passions, Take time to practice and work towards your goals and dreams. Now is the chance to make your dreams come true. If you’ve been waiting until you have enough time or money to pursue your goals, you are focused on lack rather than abundance. The more you focus on abundance and attract miracles to yourself, the less you will feel stuck in the limited belief that there isn’t enough money or time for you, or that you aren’t good enough. The possibilities for you dear children, are infinite. You are the dream weaver. You are weaving your dreams into your experience, and it’s just like a magical fairy tale. You can have all the abundance you deserve, it’s just as simple as aligning with the frequency of your dreams and believing it to already be so!  Remember to ask your Angelic guides for assistance and ask for your dreams to come true or something even better! Sometimes we feel like our prayers aren’t answered, when in reality there is a bigger more magical plan that you could have never envisioned awaiting you in the future.  Now is the time to MANIFEST YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU DREAM IT TO BE. You are the creator and the artist of your experience. It’s time to make positive long term plans, and focus on your passions.

March Angel Tarot Card Reading

I’ve connected with the Angels to see what is in store for humanity for the month of March.


I received The Strength card with Archangel Ariel telling us to release the harsh judgments about ourselves and others. Sometimes we are too busy judging ourselves we forget how beautiful and amazing we really are. It’s time for self observation to just exist and watch the flow of the universe work through you. Forgive yourself and others for your past judgments. Your power lies in the now moment, stay mindful and know that anything that has happened to you in the past was for your highest good. If you want to make changes, the power is in the present moment and you can make intentions to do better from now on.  I also received the Two of Earth and this card tells us it’s important to ground ourselves during this period. There is a lot going on at once, and we need to connect with our one true Mother, Mother Earth. The two is a perfect balance, and we balance ourselves through being in nature and grounding our energy into the Crystalline Core at the center of Earth. Imagine a pillar of light running from the Great Central Sun through your body and into the Core of the Earth. Allow yourself to be aligned and rebalanced by Mother Earth. Now is the time to decide do we want to continue on our mission to heal humanity and Mother Earth or are you ready to leave this planet? It’s time to get off the fence and either do your soul’s mission or let someone else do it. If you are ready to complete your mission tell spirit that you would like to receive guidance and that you accept your service to the light. It is helpful to do the Sunday Planetary Liberation meditations that I have shared before. This is a great way to do your lightworker service. Finally, I received the Recovery card, We are collectively healing and cleansing at this time. It’s important to nurture your self, take care of your physical body, and allow yourself to rest. We are integrating a high volume of light at this time and even though we’ve had to work hard at clearing for the collective, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s important to find that self love within you that has always been. By loving yourself you are loving others, we are all connected. Love has always been the key to higher consciousness. As we move forward in our evolution this month, remember to give yourself a break, take the time to enjoy this physical experience. Really FEEL Your experience, FEEL your emotions, FEEL your inner light. You are a powerful being and all your desires can come to you with just the intention. You are MAGICAL and it’s time to step into your true power of a PURE LIGHT BEING! Be mindful, Be Loving, and Be fully present. Connect with your Inner Child and ask them what they would like to do? Be Playful and give that child the love and attention they really deserve. Many Blessings to you Dear Light Beings.

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Namaste! Adonai!