Yes, I’ve Changed

Hello Again! I know it’s been a while.



       I haven’t felt the need to write or post anything for a long time, so I haven’t pushed myself to do so.  What I want to write about today is how I’ve changed, and I’m not a writer so bare with me and my writing skills. What I want to make note of is how far I have come, and not in any kind of snotty egotistical way, but to highlight how my journey has shifted and how I have went many new directions this past year. I began my journey with my online business in 2014, I began just offering free readings on a small facebook account in spiritual groups. I began to offer paid readings to many and also offering healing sessions. Things were picking up speed quickly, and many people began to connect with me and I felt at home working with the young starseeds. I felt so good about helping others, and I mostly did my work for free, although many of my healer friends would cringe to know that. I loved working with the Tarot card system, especially the Angel Tarot Cards, I never was properly trained I was a rebel like that, so I just went with my intuition and I learned how to communicate with my guides along the way. I began working with more Galactic Energies and before I knew it I was creating my own Galactic Communication Oracle Deck and was surprising myself with my own channeling abilities. When I first began to open up I was so unsure, I was trying so hard to focus my energy, to listen and feel, to understand all the messages. I was just another young bright eyed human opening up to the other realms, and I felt like I needed to work at it hard and have self discipline. I did all I could to research and read books by other channels, I forced myself to meditate and forced myself to do readings for others. In a way I was going about it in the most forceful unnatural way possible, much like many others do. It is the natural process for us to feel like we must force our evolution, that it won’t happen if we don’t work hard, and we will be “left behind” with the muggles. What I have learned in my journey so far, which it is always unraveling, it probably never finishes, is that I do my best work just focusing on my family, focusing my energies on my Earth Life, doing what things I want to do in each moment, and that can fluctuate from day to day. I no longer even pick up an oracle card deck, I no longer force myself to channel, I no longer seek for all of the answers. I trust myself now, and I realize it took me all of these spiritual tools, books, ideas, crystals, meditation, connections to get me to where I am today. I feel many others are coming to this same realization as I have, that we don’t have to really do any “work” here, it is all going to unfold naturally, even if we don’t do any physical work, we will still evolve, and the more we let go, the faster it happens and before we know it we are a whole different person with different priorities, and doing even bigger and better things with our energy and with our lives. I realize that it’s okay for me to just be “Mom” and to stay at home making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for my family. I used to put so much pressure on myself to “Save the world” when really the world doesn’t need saving. It is all a natural process, and it’s my duty to let it all happen however it is meant to happen without trying to control it all and force it into a little spiritual box. Many have made comments to me how I have changed, and hell yes I have! I feel more at ease, I don’t spend hours doing energy healings on myself or seeking answers, I no longer need to protect myself from all the negativity in life, I let it all just flow and it works itself out naturally. I no longer need to see five steps ahead of the game, I trust every decision I make in the moment. And I still have very strange paranormal experiences, weird dreams, and sometimes find myself in fear. I am not saying life is a bouquet of roses at all. I just am more okay with it as it is, and I don’t try to force myself to change into a more spiritual being, I accept that no matter what I will always be spiritual, maybe even more so now that I don’t force myself into these little ideas of what I think a spiritual being should be like. I think the trouble with the internet is many of us compare ourselves to others on this journey, and really we shouldn’t because each of us is unique, and we all have a different path.  I can just see myself through a different perspective and yes I sometimes gag when I see my old videos as I was still learning and really focused on being  controlling and forcing answers to come, like when I did energy updates that was focusing all my energy to know the answers ahead of time. I realize now, all is as it should be, and it always will be. There is no need for me to soak my entire being in spiritual concepts and ideas, because I am freeing myself from all those chains. I allow myself to finally just be myself, and that is enough. I have grown more since quitting my online business than ever while fully invested in it. I have learned a lot, and I just want to say Yes, I’ve changed, and Yes you probably will too. It’s okay. And it’s natural to evolve, you don’t have to work so hard, if you are fighting the darkness or chasing the light, you are too busy to see that you already are perfect in every way and just living your little human life is amazing and necessary to help others, and you probably do more for others by setting an example and showing them what it’s like to live authentically. So I realize some people don’t connect with me any longer, I am no longer in  that spiritual guru box that many place channelers in, I am just me, and I have other passions and talents and I’m actually quite sweet and loving and I’m a damn good Mommy. There is more to us than our spiritual outfits, we are so much more than that, all the labels and all the certificates mean nothing really compared to our true soul frequency.  I am discontinuing my website domain, so this site will change back to a blog rather than a business site, and I probably won’t do much on here anymore, because honestly, I’m just busy living my life and focusing on the next chapter as it unfolds. Thank you to everyone who has been with me from the beginning, and all those who always rooted for me and brought a smile to my face, I have met such amazing souls doing this online business and networking with you guys!! I love you all, you are so amazing, never forget that~!


10 Week Pregnancy Update

I have a shitty laptop, so I apologize to those who can’t handle..If you guys are really bothered please feel free to send me a new one. 😉 hahahaa

You can still hear the audio and I am just too exhausted to re-film this, so it is what it is.


Powerful Astrology Day January 12th

All the action will be centered on Thursday, It may be a difficult day for some of us. On this day, January 12th comes in addition to an unusually difficult Full Moon in Cancer.  Although the Full Moon is a sign that it’s time to start winding down and typing up loose ends on projects, this one will have a few added challenges.

This Thursday’s Cancer Full Moon is part of a four- point configuration called a Cardinal Grand Cross. This means that the Sun and Moon are at cross purposes with crisis loving Pluto, a Jupiter that can exaggerate the “bad stuff”, and extreme Uranus. With all five of these planets in zodiac signs that love action, the best way to make it through this Full Moon’s minefield is to slow down and even bring things to a complete stop. Then you can regroup and refocus. By doing this you will be able to get a handle on the situation before Mercury reenters practical and committed Capricorn later on Thursday, because this stern influence asks that you conduct a serious reality check on the state of your life over the next three weeks. The amazing part of this powerful day is that it ends on a quiet note with a Venus- Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This will soften the hard edges of Mercury’s reality check and puts challenges of the Full Moon in a more forgiving light. With all this happening on the same day Thursday the 12th this is a time for you to be alert and on your toes. Be aware of anything you see in the media or in your personal life and that is will be extremely exaggerated and intense if you let it be, so try to let things flow and don’t get triggered.


Mercury having stationed Direct on the 8th doesn’t mean we’re all in the clear just yet as Mercury Retrograde storm is still in effect until the 13th.


This Full Moon in Cancer is when she can be at her most nurturing, so although we may have some rocky challenges ahead, we still have the aspects that are focused on home, family, children, and mothers. We respond by becoming more likely to express our emotions during these moons and are more sympathetic and understanding towards others. You may find your self wanting to care for others or even the whole world. During this Moon, feelings will run high  so it’s important to watch out for becoming overly sensitive, dependent, or even needy. Now is a great time to putter around the house, focus on those you love and tend to domestic concerns.


Hang in there this week guys, as next week will continue to be intense with a Mars and Saturn Square!!