1111 Gateway Starseed Unity


A Message To All Starseeds

On November 11th, 2016 There will be a Gateway Opening, You, The Starseeded Ones will be the Gate Openers. This is a very powerful and important milestone towards the next year. We will all have unique activations and situations on this day and also we will collectively unify and create new timelines and grids that will assist humanity as a whole.

On this day please take some time to tune into the future you intend to create, and focus on seeing a better world. What we set intentions for now will manifest in 2017.

Join together on this 1111 Gateway and Let’s activate one another working together. We can create crystal grids that are portals to Sacred Spots on Earth. Focusing on these Ancient Sacred Spots will help us open this gateway and do what we are meant to do here. We can all do a little bit on our own to help the collective unify. Just setting up a crystal grid or altar and having intentions to utilize this gateway energy is enough!

Please SHARE this message so that all the starseeds can benefit and take advantage of this great awakening portal!

Thank you to all of you who have hung in there and did your mission no matter the cost or obstacles! WE ARE ONE.


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