Mama In Need

This lady is super special to me, and she is in need right now. She is currently pregnant with her third child and her and her two other children are about to lose their apartment and they don’t have heat right now. They are just not in a good situation right now.  If you can donate anything I am grateful for your compassion. Click the Link Below

The Rejoicing will be complete As All the Angels are set Free

So beautiful. Gives me Chills Totally aligning with L’Aura Pleiadian.

The New Divine Humanity


Is this the magic, in your heart, the one you have yearned for, and hoped would start.

Or is this the heaven, once dreamt of long ago, that lifts you up, and frees your Soul.

Are you dreaming, even now, amidst the turmoil, you left and vowed.

Would never happen, in the Light, who is the dreamer, you feel at night.

Is it the silence, or the past, or ancient wisdom, freeing you at last.

Who knows the difference, when things arise, who is in charge, throughout the day and night.

What flows through you, as you wake, the love of life, or is it hate.

The dream of Glory, do you know, is it a mystical journey, or a destined fate.

What lives and breathes, is it Divine, or a cycle, only playing out through time.

As consciousness moves, as if through space, will you discover, your true lineage…

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1111 Gateway Starseed Unity


A Message To All Starseeds

On November 11th, 2016 There will be a Gateway Opening, You, The Starseeded Ones will be the Gate Openers. This is a very powerful and important milestone towards the next year. We will all have unique activations and situations on this day and also we will collectively unify and create new timelines and grids that will assist humanity as a whole.

On this day please take some time to tune into the future you intend to create, and focus on seeing a better world. What we set intentions for now will manifest in 2017.

Join together on this 1111 Gateway and Let’s activate one another working together. We can create crystal grids that are portals to Sacred Spots on Earth. Focusing on these Ancient Sacred Spots will help us open this gateway and do what we are meant to do here. We can all do a little bit on our own to help the collective unify. Just setting up a crystal grid or altar and having intentions to utilize this gateway energy is enough!

Please SHARE this message so that all the starseeds can benefit and take advantage of this great awakening portal!

Thank you to all of you who have hung in there and did your mission no matter the cost or obstacles! WE ARE ONE.

She has finally come home to herself…

Judith Kusel

She remembers her true cosmic home

And how often she felt herself intensely alone

Confused, and at sea here on this planet called earth….

She  wondered at human beings

So very different from the ones in her own galaxy

Her own star systems.

She cringed when she heard people fighting and bickering.

She could read their minds

And saw how their actions and what they thoughts did not correlate

For they lived lies

And lied to themselves and others,

Which saddened her and sometimes, frightened her.

Her huge open heart and her natural love, made her want to love

All and everything,

But she soon found that not all human beings liked to be loved

And some growled at you when you came too close….

So she sought solace with her dogs, animals, angels,

And in nature, for there she felt herself loved unconditionally.

She never could understand competition


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