The Omni Verse, the 7th Central Sun of Illumination and the Milky Way Galaxy, Planet Earth and human consciousness

Totally aligning with Judith Kusel’s latest transmission ❤ ❤

Judith Kusel


The Omni verse, the infinity of Creation and the Cosmic is in a mass flux now as it is busy reinventing itself and therefore the Milky Way Galaxy is moving back to its original place in the cosmos under the Great 7th Central Sun, and with it too Andromeda.

This is affecting the earth, as part of the solar system within the greater Milky Way Galaxy and its counter galaxy, which is cosmically known as Melchior.

This massive shift is therefore activated certain star portals in the earth, which have lain dormant for billions of years, since the first civilization started on earth.  At that time, everything was 7th dimensional and attuned to the 7th Central Sun, which the Sun of Illumination and therefore hold the Fires of Illumination, and the whole higher Omnipotent Keys and Codes of Illumination, and the higher cosmic consciousness states and super…

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Starseed Diary Log – Walking Into New Space

I sometimes like to share what is surfacing for myself, I feel that we are all so interconnected  that what affects one of us sends out a ripple effect to the collective of all the Earth Souls.


I have been having a lot of fears coming up to surface along with just a sense of wanting to be finished with my mission and move on. I know that there is a huge shift taking place and my purpose is becoming more clear. All these old ideas of my own identity have changed and evolved. I feel that I understand what is going on more clearly now. I am focusing most of my energies upon anchoring in new perspectives and higher light to the planetary grids. I used to feel I needed to do a lot of “work” to do my mission here. I now realize I just need to be here and focus on my own light and keep anchoring it and working closely with my councils.


I don’t feel there is much else to do, I rarely do any readings any more. I just don’t feel like it is necessary any longer. So many used to come to me seeking assistance and now they are all finally owning their own power and wisdom and finding the answers themselves. I always have tried my best to encourage others to follow their own intuition and heart. I have tried to follow my own advice as well, and so lately I’ve been just focusing my energies upon my own family and my own journey.


I do feel the great sense of urgency and fear that many are focused on as well. I am not immune to the collective Earth energies and sometimes I dip pretty low, it’s a part of my own process. I will go really high in vibration and then dip back down. It is a natural cycle. I am more in flow with it than I used to be, but it still brings me down for a bit each cycle.  I choose to not focus all of my energy on having a pity party when I dip low, but I still validate my feelings and that I am processing a lot at once and that it’s okay to fluctuate between being spiritually high and super depressed low. It’s my own way of accepting who I truly am, I am both the light and the darkness, and all is necessary to make me whole. I know there are benefits to both sides of polarity. I choose to try my best to remain in balance to not flow too far to either side of the scale.


I feel right now it is important for me to just do what brings me joy and focus on anchoring and grounding all the incoming codes which come in almost hourly for me lately. The end of this year seems super powerful and like a time where our manifesting powers are at an all time high. So I choose to bring in more joy and more acceptance to this planet and to just keep my heart open to new possibilities and miracles. It is us who are here to show the planet miracles are possible, and we will do that by living it. Not in living in fear, but just living in our own power. Not allowing others to break us from our center. This is how we do more good, by being centered and grounded in our own hearts no matter what challenges happen to come across our path.

I am with you all as we go through these great changes. We have each other for support, we didn’t come here alone. So if anyone needs me please feel free to call upon my energy and I will be there in spirit for my star family incarnated. ❤ ONE LOVE ALWAYS