Grounding of The Portal Energies

Holy shit. Things got real, real quick!





So many are FEELING it are you FEELING IT?

I have had my own series of weird events let me share with you guys!

I’ve been having surges of sadness and dense energy transmuting through me in waves. I feel super sad and don’t understand why logically I would be sad, and it is being screened onto my own personal triggers. I feel it’s actually more of the collective cleansing going on rather than just my own karmic cleansing going on. Yesterday  I went to walmart and with only walking past a huge aisle of mirrors, all of them shattered as I walked past. I was terrified and embarrassed all at once and ran out of there so fast! I knew it was my own energy colliding with the environment there which was super dense. There was a strange feeling when it all went down, like I wasn’t witnessing it all from within my body. Super weird shit I tell ya!( And no I didn’t touch anything in that aisle, it all just shattered with nobody else nearby.)

I’ve noticed so many are having intense emotions surface ( Myself included.) I don’t know where they came from, it felt more collective in nature than my own personal issues. I feel we need to really integrate and ground these energies more fully so we don’t have all the stirred up drama and emotions overwhelming us.

 Some tips I have been using that may resonate with you guys at this time.

  • Spending time in nature, on the ground
  • Taking baths or showers to help cleanse my energetic field
  • Smudging with herbs or essential oils in a spray bottle
  • Lighting a white candle and invoking the Violet Flame
  • Visualizing a medicine wheel within my aura to help me be balanced in all elements
  • Working with my higher self and other galactic and angelic guides
  • Being observant, not falling into all the drama face first
  • Being detached enough to see the bigger picture
  • Reconnecting with the heart of Mother Earth and the Galactic Center of the Milky Way Galaxy to realign my energy and bring in and anchor new frequencies
  • Visualizing and asking for help from all other Star Family who are also in human vessels now
  • Imagining a golden net of light surrounding the planet and sending my love through it in waves while asking other Starseeds to help assist and hold the light with me
  • Trusting in the Divine Plan, and my own higher guidance to guide me through this difficult phase
  • Taking time to meditate every couple hours
  • Having tea time to relax and “do nothing.”
  • Keep my intentions and goals pure and of high vibrations

These are just a few things keeping me halfway sane right now, maybe it could inspire you to find what works for you. Only you know what you need to do during this time, we each have a specific part of the mission we are playing out here. Each of us are all valid and important to the bigger plan. So it’s important we all support one another energetically and we all continue to connect via the “inner web network” we are all a part of. Lets meet in dream space and the higher realms so that we can more consciously do our work here and it will be much more powerful the more we CONNECT with one another and consciously follow through with our guidance.

Try not to take everything too Sirius-ly and try and do things you enjoy. Try to find the peaceful moments of everyday to recalibrate and recharge you so you’re not exhausted and burnt out from Divine Service work. Most importantly, keep listening to your hearts and you will always know what to do.






2 thoughts on “Grounding of The Portal Energies

  1. Dayna says:

    Yeah, felt it mostly yesterday. Today feels much lighter for me. Had the heavy emotions come through for a brief period last night, but nothing too heavy. Took a hot bath and used essential oils and it helped.

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