Treasure Hunts

After my meditation vision of a rectangle with a cross over it I looked it up online, guided towards sacred geometry. And so I ended up on a treasure hunt which my guides usually send me on with these little tid bits of information they give me. Ended up googling and found some relative information.



What I got from the symbol is this..

  • Four Directions
  • 4 Angels/Angles
  • Sacred Geometry- Building blocks of life.
  • First fragment from Source
  • 4 Founders

I was led towards The Golden Ratio,Fibonacci Sequence, and  The Eye of God. (I just made a “Gods Eye” a few months ago.)bigstock-Fibonacci-Spiral-64413310-720x458fig3images (1)torus-galactic-12812920318_1679117549023348_842024017426732587_n


I was reminded of a recent discovery of how there are 22 Galaxies and there is a Galactic Center, and this is within a diamond shape.


Universal Structures. Unity of Nature. Numbers. Helping me to remember that there is a perfectly organized Universe, and nothing is without purpose. Our journey is also following this law of nature.


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