Lemurian Crystal Guardian Memory

Today I sat in meditation and was brought through a portal and into a cave. There was water and crystals along the walls. I notice some whales and mer people in the space as well. I am in meditation pose staring into the water puddle in front of me. I begin to see many animals coming through this space. The most important one was the Yak.A symbol of ancient wisdom. When a yak appears in a dream or meditation, it helps you understand your higher purpose. As a totem or power animal, the yak helps you learn control over your emotions. I then was shown all these light language symbols upon the walls, the one I was guided towards the most was a vertical rectangle with a cross in the middle and coming out of the rectangle past it’s edges. I then am shown how this space is really a special sacred spot, and it used to be Lemuria. I then see a huge huge huge crystal tower that looks like an iridescent  crystal quartz point. I was this crystal’s guardian in the days of Lemuria. I was the one who held the space for it and kept it of a high vibration. I wasn’t shown any other people who were involved, so maybe it was a group of us but I’m not sure. I was told this crystal was called “The Crystal Tower of Light and Emotion” and that it helped us be in balance with our Emotional bodies at all times.  Many others are remembering these sacred times right now. I am grateful for all of the information that I am given and all of the memories that come back to me.


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