Astral Encounters Changing

Lately my encounters in what I would call the Astral Realms have changed for me. I have been having more visions when floating between being awake and asleep lately.(This space has become brighter than it used to be, there is much more light there than ever before.)  I want to share my recent dreams, Starting with last night. I saw a very clear vision of a Wasp landing on my right arm. This is probably one of my worst fears, to get stung by a wasp. I felt like it was some trickster beings messing around with me, they could read my mind, they knew this was a fear of mine. I don’t like to go into the “darker experiences” that I have of paranormal activity, but so many people may benefit to know they aren’t alone in having these experiences. I then saw a brighter version of the Astral realm, seeing my bedroom only things were a bit different, and this is my main sign I am in the astrals when I see my own bedroom and things are just a tiny bit off, like I’m in a parallel world of some sort. I then saw the door was open and the lock and door knob were moving. I saw no beings, only the paranormal activity (Remember this is with my third eye, in the astral realm not my real bedroom door) Then the being or energy tried to close the door. I called out to Archangel Michael and Mother Mary. These are KEY things I do when I am in fact having an experience with a more lower vibrational being. First thing I do is ALWAYS AA MICHEAL, and if it’s extra sketchy I call MOTHER MARY too. So these are things I do regularly with funky energies. I then began to do some toning, beginning I said the “OM” sound, only once I opened my mouth It began to morph into the exact sounding humming that Lauren Hill hums in The Fugee’s Song “Ready or Not”. Talk about synchronicity..That song goes like this “Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide. I’m gonna find you, and make you love me…ect” Probably not exact, but it’s a song I know very well. It really showed me I was in fact having some kind of encounter with a being. My toning then seemed to do the trick and made the energy leave. I always really set up many protection measures before sleeping to avoid these things, but ya know, shit still happens. Sometimes I have to clear my home if things feel funky. I am not afraid, I am just aware and I know that the astral realm is changing and so there may be others having experiences where beings aren’t ready for all of our light and they are just trying their best to trick us and play with us in this way. No matter what these energies can’t do anything to harm you, and they know your true power so they are in fact afraid of our light.  I then was shown in my “dream” a white hankerchief which to me symbolized surrender, like they know I am sovereign and I have many Angelic Beings watching over me. These things are going to probably increase during the major shifting going on with the planet. Just be aware, Be in your Power, and Trust that nothing can harm you unless you give it permission by not being in your own Power and being in your own Heart Space as much as possible. Anytime I don’t feel good vibes in a dream or in my waking life, I just make it a point to Call in the Violet Flame which does wonders to help transmute that energy to a higher vibration. The brighter we become, the more others notice, it’s just inevitable.




I’ve also had a lot of physical symptoms of pregnancy lately, and had a dream where I was being prepared to give birth, and these are pretty clear signs that I am continuing to be a part of the hybrid children project. I think it was a girl, and she seemed really aquatic and angelic to me. The thing people don’t always talk about with this project is how real it is and feels, and how that you actually feel physically pregnant during the etheric pregnancy sometimes.


The Inner Stairway- Suzanne Lie

Thursday, July 28, 2016 Chapter Eighteen–Preparing For First Contact–The Inner Stairway–Pleiadians through Sue Lie 7-28-16 PREPARING FOR FIRST CONTACT By the Pleiadians—Through Suzanne Lie CHAPTER EIGHTEEN The Inner Stairway Home Sharman here. I have returned from my last visit to Earth as a “normal human.” I have learned a lot and wanted to share with […]

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Suzanne Lie – Preparing For First Contact, Chapter 17 – Energetic Communications – 7-23-16

Always align with Suzanne’s channels.

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GirlOrb copy 2Suzanne Lie

July 18, 2016 ~ Greetings. I am Sharman here again to speak with you. I am actually wearing an Earth vessel within your NOW, so that I can walk among you to best feel the human energy fields. I wear different “disguises” on different days depending on what area I am visiting.

At the end of each day, I return to my cloaked Ship to “call home” to share what I have experienced. I was chosen for this mission because I spent a long lifetime as a human and learned to “read” many of the thoughts and emotions of the humans that I observed.

What I have perceived is that many of you are feeling VERY tired. I have also observed that many of you feel like you are leaving soon, but you do not realize that “soon” is a third/fourth dimensional term.

In the fifth dimension…

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Message from Inner Earth




I was shown an umbilical cord and that I was connected to the Inner Earth in this way, and that this connection can’t be broken. I was led into a corridor of rainbow light into the center of the Earth. I see it as a giant Pearl, which I felt represented a lot about the space.


[The pearl is a lunar symbol, also representing water and woman. These primary meanings are seen on a universal scale, throughout mythology. They are attributes of angelic perfection, which is only achieved by transmutation, and not freely given.]

It was a bright white and I also saw some Golden light floating about. I was shown the space for the Priests and Priestess’s who are constantly sending Mother Earth’s surface with light to awaken humanity. I was told that they were connected to the Root system of the trees, and it was a lot like Avatar the Movie how the trees are alive and they are a network sending messages to Inner Earth constantly.I felt like the being I connected with that was my Inner Earth Aspect was deer like or kangaroo like in nature, but humanoid.

whitetail smlwhitedoewhitedoe2

I’ve never seen a being like this before.  I then asked what message that my Inner Earth aspect wanted to impart to the humans was. I received: that I am to tell the humans about their connection to the Inner Earth Realm, and that they are all also a part of this underground interstellar communication mothership. I see the energies coming from the center and coming out into the planet in a toroidal  shape. This is where a lot of the energies are coming from for our awakening. There are other sources, but a lot of it comes from the Inside of the Earth itself. This is why it is so important for you to ground during awakening and intense activations, it helps the energies to flow through you and to where they are meant to go more easily. The Earth is much more galactic in nature than many would like you to believe. It is a ship, and we are all a part of it. I was shown how when the humans become more aware of the galactic purpose of awakening being beamed onto the surface from within, they will see that yes it all comes from WITHIN. Even the Earth Mother’s heart is activating and sending love to all of her cells, all of her inhabitants and in doing do, she awakens us, we are her cells. Its like a giant reminder for us to see how interconnected it all is, and that the Center, Middle,Inside is the very core we need to reconnect with to ascend. As we all go within, and remember the secrets buried among many past lives of pain, we all will begin to recognize the importance of the core, the source of the planet which is like a trigger for you to remember your own core, your heart space and how important it is to your journey. Remember the Heart Trinity of the Galactic Center, the Earths Center, and your Heart center. It is an ancient connection and when aligned it will activate you in a very deep way along with all those you have around you in your life. Remember to connect with the center of the earth, the wise beings there who have held sacred knowledge all along. They can be found if you follow your roots deep into Inner Earth.

Preparing for First Contact – Sheila’s Story -Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Friday, July 15, 2016 Preparing For First Contact–Shelia’s Story–The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie 7-15-16 PREPARING FOR FIRST CONTACT By the Arcturians—Through Suzanne Lie CHAPTER SIXTEEN Shelia’s Story Beloved Earth Citizens, Sharman is “on assignment” orbiting Earth. Therefore, I will take over his role of sending regular messages to our Earth friends and family who are […]

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Sacred Birth for The Star Children

I have been meaning to create this post for a while, but have been waiting for the perfect moment. That moment is now. As many of you know, the children are the future, and they are an important piece to the magical puzzle of Ascension. If we want to change the world it begins with BIRTH. Modern birth practices have taken the Sacredness out of Birth and has caused our species much trauma and unnecessary pain. It’s time we take our Birth practices up to a level of Sacred practice, for Birth is an altered state of consciousness and needs to be respected as that. I urge you to make your children a priority, and to begin their life in a way that will bring you both dignity and respect. I am going to make a list for new parents, those who plan on having children, or just want to be informed of the options that the mainstream medical community may not make you aware of.


First here are some books and movies if you would like to read and research on your own:

Ina May Gaskin- Guide to Natural Childbirth

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

The Business of Being born

Ina May Gaskin- Spiritual Midwifery

  • Hypnobirthing
  • Natural Childbirth The Bradley Way
  • The Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding



  • Research Midwives and Doulas- as soon as you find out you are expecting. A doula is a support person for the mother before, during, and after birth. A midwife will be much more mother centered and will focus on creating a safe and natural birth according to the mother’s birth plan. (Ask them about their C- Section Rate!)
  • Research Circumcision- These new babies are created PERFECT. Don’t fall victim to society’s pressures to cut off your child’s foreskin. It has a purpose!!
  • Research Breastfeeding- Check out La Leche league for information and support groups. GO TO THE SUPPORT GROUPS BEFORE YOUR BABY ARRIVES.
  • Meditate- Every emotion and feeling you have as a pregnant mother goes into the baby, so be sure to be as calm as possible and send lots and lots of love to your baby while they are in the womb, they feel EVERYTHING you do.
  • Research Placenta Encapsulation
  • Move around during labor, and don’t let them put you on your back, this is the WORST birthing position ever. Your doula can assist you in switching positions and walking around.
  • Research Homebirth- Amnesty Inernational 2010 Report, US Women have a greater risk of maternal death than in 49 other countries. US Spends twice as much money on Birth than any other country. It’s a business for them, so know your rights and know that you’re probably safer at home if you don’t have a high risk pregnancy.
  • Skin to Skin- Bonding is so important for the mother and the baby, be sure to put baby on moms chest skin to skin to help get the Prolactin going.
  • Wait for White- Wait until the umbulical cord is WHITE before letting anyone cut or burn it. This supplies baby with a lot of necessary blood.
  • Craniosacral work and Chiropractic Work- All babies  (And Mothers!)need to do craniosacral and chiropractic work, just being birthed can put their spine out of alignment and cause issues with breastfeeding and colic. All babies are traumatized during birth, and need extra energy healing or craniosacral work as soon as possible and for the first few years after birth if necessary.
  • Water- Using water is very calming during labor, if you birth at home you can order a birth pool quite easily. Ask your midwife for more information.
  • TRUST YOUR BODY, TRUST YOUR BABY! Your baby knows how to come through the birth canal, it’s their instincts, trust them! Move around, let your body be soft and ready for baby and let the baby be born in their own timing. Don’t try and force them out, just breathe and allow and they will come.
  • Natural Birth- Be careful of all the chemicals in a modern hospital and try to stay away from as many as possible. Being drugged up during the birth causes issues with bonding the mother baby pair and the baby can have trouble latching to the breast due to being drugged.
  • Vaccines- RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH AND THEN RESEARCH SOME MORE. You don’t want  to put this crap in your brand new baby, and you don’t want to have any injections while pregnant (Including the flu shot). These contain a lot of disgusting ingredients from Mercury to Aborted Fetal Cells and Tissue, Monkey Kidney cells, and many many more. Don’t let them pressure you, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.
  • Adjustment- Create a support plan for after the birth, so many mothers feel lonely and depressed right after birth, be sure to assign people to help with the housework and making meals, or just coming over to talk. So many people only focus on the new baby, and the new mother is left unsupported and alone. We must “Mother the Mother” and in doing so we are assisting the child as well, the baby needs it’s mother to survive so we must support the Mother during this difficult life transition.
  • Join in- Join some local mommy groups or breastfeeding support groups to get out and meet other parents who are going through similar transitions. It helps to not feel that we are alone in this process.

Most of all I just urge you all to take the Birth process and make it sacred once again and to trust your instincts. Women have been birthing in the woods, huts, out by the fire for centuries and only recently have humans taken birth out of the home and into a medical facility for sick people. Being pregnant and Birthing a baby isn’t a disease! It’s natural! And your body was MADE FOR IT! We must remove the fear from birth, and learn to trust our inner guidance system. If something doesn’t feel right to you, DON’T DO IT. Create a birth plan and make sure you trust your midwife or OB.  I offer myself if anyone has any questions or would like more information on anything I have written in this post, please feel free to message me. This is a part of my soul purpose, to help empower women and help them bring their children into this world with dignity and peace.

Don’t forget to RESEARCH! 😉  Here are a few videos to get you started!

MAGENTA PIXIE – The Waves of Change, A Unified Humanity (Brexit 2016) — Higher Density Blog

Thank You: Dreamweaver333 * Magenta Pixie * Published on Jul 1, 2016 True unity is your round table formation, King Arthur and his knights, standing as one, united within the circle. Within the circle all have sight, all have a voice and all are unified in their true service and support of the circle […]

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