Live Starseed Reading & Zion Zetas Book

When I use technology my energy sometimes just blasts my devices too intensely and shuts them down so I had this happen twice. hehe Be sure to watch part 2.

Go to to get your own copy of Connecting The Stars!



One thought on “Live Starseed Reading & Zion Zetas Book

  1. PeaceNowFlower says:

    Kryon has said he is known to drain batteries. I am now attending a local Indigo Group that meets about every 2 weeks. I’ve learned to turn off my phone because someone in the group also drains batteries. Not sure who. For someone on the autistic specium (me) being with fellow Indigos is interesting. I meet with Soultastic people online, but seeing people face to face is nice.

    I have heard about technology issues and Spiritual people being a match many times. I think I drain batteries sometimes too. Yet, overall technology and I co-exist. (Considering I do Digital Artwork this is favorable.) What does not always appear to co-exist with me is a good sleep hour… I was trying to sleep… in fact, I first tried and failed at 10pm. Now it is much later.

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