Starseed Reading June 30th 2016


Remembering ISIS – Being an Initiate

I’ve been closely in tune with the Goddess ISIS lately. I have remembered being an initiate in the sacred temples of Egypt. I remember a time when the light needed to be filtered through a pure soul and that soul was mine. This was to not hurt the people, for the pure light from Source was so powerful it could kill them. I was the conduit to bring through this pure light to the people. I was protected from the outside life and stayed in the temple with my sisters and brothers who also did this healing work.We would work in groups of Twelve at times to help regulate energy fields of the planet. We had sacred knowledge that was kept from the common people. We knew how to manifest and manipulate energy for the highest good. We could change form and become invisible to others.  We were guarded from the outside to keep any outsiders out except for those who came for healing. This time was so much different than our current society. Everyone honored us for our work, and we honored the Godhead and healed in a sacred way. The people began to believe the gold was what was healing them rather than the pure white light, so they began to worship it thinking it would have the same results. Things began to change as they stopped honoring our work and many of us had to be protected and we had to protect the light source we held sacred in the temples. This is when the people began to riot against us and our work was done. We did all we could do, saved all we could, but we had to go somewhere else. I believe this place was Lemuria.

Live Stream Q&A And Readings Tonight

Tonight I will be doing a Live Stream via You Tube, and answering questions and doing some readings for people. Just tune in and type your question and I will try my best to get to everyone during the time available. I’m thinking about being available live for about an hour this evening. Not sure the exact timing yet, but will post on my facebook when I go Live. Click the Following Link for the live stream.

Hybrid Children Contact

Last night I had another visit with the Hybrid Children. I know contact is unique for everyone, so I just put my own experiences out there to help others validate their own experiences. For me, the kids come through as babies most of the time. I will have dreams with very advanced babies who when just born can walk and talk like a much older child. These babies have a lot of telepathic communication with me and others in the dream, so that is a big sign you are having contact with the kids if you have a lot of telepathic interactions within a dream or experience.


I was in another time, a time when my biological father was married to a woman. This woman was pregnant and I was going to be there to assist her. Once she gave birth she brought home the baby who was named either Waylon or Wyatt. He had a full head of dark curly hair. He could stand up on his own next to a couch and crawl on the floor which is very advanced for a newborn. This is a way the kids come to me, through my own time lines and dream world. So this baby would have been my brother in a specific time line, but I can see past that, and see that they inserted this baby into my own dream world and it came through like this to me. Sometimes the kids will come through as animals, other types of beings, energies ect. It all depends on your own dreams and what they can use to come through to you. They don’t want to frighten us, so they usually choose something that will be non threatening like a newborn baby in most of my dreams.


I try to write all of these experiences down, because when I look back it makes a lot more sense and I like to have that documentation of my own progress with working with these loving hybrid children. Sometimes contact with them is super floaty and I can’t remember all the details, so it’s helpful for me to write it down, and in doing so that helps me ground the experience into the physical world. I’ve been having much more contact since creating my Galactic Communication Oracle Deck, and have been receiving much more telepathic communication from them in my everyday life. I’d love to hear about any experiences you are having with the Hybrid Kids!