The Sacred Power of The New Moon

Tomorrow begins a new cycle for us all, but especially for women. A majority of us begin our moon cycle or menstruation around the New Moon. Others begin their cycle on the Full moon, but for the most part if our bodies are aligned with nature the New Moon is the natural cycle of purifying and releasing. Our body fluids flow with the moon cycles and our moon time has been really degraded in society over the years, but it is a time of immense power and time for women to go within and listen to their intuition. The mainstream commercials about pads and tampons try to shame us for our natural cycle and encourage us to throw away our sacred blood each month and to hide it.Many of us are beginning to use the menstrual cups instead which is a great option. Many of us on the awakening path are becoming more courageous and speaking out about this special time of feminine magic. If we could remember our roots, and begin to create gatherings of women like we did in the Native times, and create a moon lodge or red tent to gather, we could really create some amazing healing on this planet. The problem with society is that women aren’t allowed to take a break, they still have to work and take care of the children while on their cycle. I feel this pressure women have on taking care of the whole family on their own is a way to distract us from listening to our hearts and knowing our true power. Even if we can’t have a sacred lodge to tell stories and do healing work, we can still connect each New Moon to one another energetically, so I encourage all women to unite energetically at this time and to focus on self healing along with planetary healing. So many of us connecting together can bring great results, especially at such a powerful time in our monthly cycle. The New Moon encourages us to retreat from the world like Luna and to dig through our darkness, face our demons and to release all the stagnant blocks keeping us from evolving further. We can take this special time to purify ourselves energetically by doing energy cleansing techniques. We can also take this time to release ourselves from any material baggage we have been holding on to, any old clothing that doesn’t fit, or old stuff we just keep around that is keeping the energy from moving more freely. It is a great time to purge of all you no longer need and to go into the cocoon like the butterfly, when the Full Moon comes it will be time to see the results of our self nurturing and patient withdrawal from the world like a magical butterfly. If there is one thing the patriarchy based society doesn’t want you to know, it’s that your blood is power, you are powerful because you bleed each month and you don’t die. You are connecting with mother earth as she also has blood and sacred waters within her, we can give back to mother earth by gifting her our blood each month and it has great healing properties. I’ve also heard of other goddesses using it in their gardens to enrich the soil with much needed minerals. You can do many things with it, listen to your intuition and it will guide you. Whatever you do, don’t be shameful about your cycle, it is a time that in many cultures women celebrate and it represents the power to give life and the power to choose whether or not you want to conceive. This is a powerful time for us all and I connect with every other women on the planet and send lots of healing to all of us who are on our moon cycle during the New Moon, I encourage you all to tap into this powerful grid of feminine energy and send love to it, this will help heal mother earth which will assist in healing humanity as well.

If you would like to learn more about how to make your Menstrual Cycle more sacred check out the Red Tent Movement.




2 thoughts on “The Sacred Power of The New Moon

  1. Lynette says:

    So glad you addressed this. I ACTUALLY had a beautiful ceremony when my daughter became one with the red moon, she made a red candle and decorated it in anticipation of the great day to come one day, in the ceremony she lit her candle off of her older sisters and some close family’s candles. They won’t admit it but they loved that passage of becoming a strong women. They all still have there candle and light it when they have cramps or need soothing. ♡

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    • Ariels Angelic Healing says:

      That is so amazing, they are lucky to have such a magical and empowered mother to guide them! ❤ Thanks for sharing that special experience with me. It's time we honor ourselves, honor our power. It begins with the younger generations and you have set ripples in the pond.


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