Random Things I’ve learned being Vegan

I’ve been Vegan for over a year now, (and Gluten Free for about 4 months due to my son’s diet.) Here is some random stuff I’ve come to realize on my journey.

  1. There is Eggs and Milk in Everything.EVERYTHING.
  2. There is Gluten in Everything
  3. Check and Recheck all Labels.
  4. People Hate me just because I say I’m Vegan, deep down I think it just triggers their own guilt.
  5. I have such a renewed connection to animals and plants than before, I am more telepathically linked and I can feel the energy of the plants I eat, as I thank them for their lives.
  6. Empathy has been greatly enhanced.
  7. Sometimes I just eat snacks throughout the day and that is okay.
  8. I feel much lighter and pure than before and paying attention to the density of my food and how it feels before eating it has assisted me in this process. My channeling abilities have skyrocketed to a new height. I am much more in tune with my guides and psychic abilities.
  9. I feel like I have grown in strength, my yoga game is on point.
  10. My digestion is super.
  11. My skin glows.
  12. I feel much less toxic.
  13. I love everything more deeply.
  14. I connect so much more with my foods and liquids and make sure to bless them with Arcturian Rainbow Healing energy before eating.
  15. People are going to judge you, and that’s okay, let them.
  16. You can’t find much in restaurants and drive thrus, so that kind of goes out the window. I live in a tiny town and everything available has either cheese or gluten.
  17. I sleep so much better at night, knowing I’m not responsible of eating any animals or animal products that day.
  18. I have a new take on self control and determination, because it’s really easy to just say fuck it and eat a cheeseburger.
  19. I feel good about myself, I don’t do this for any other reason but for my own self, the gluten free is for my child, but this is what feels good to me.
  20. Cheese is really like an opiate, and will cause you to have detox/addiction symptoms when going off.
  21. Everybody forgets you are Vegan, so they will always offer you eggs, cheese, and all kinds of stuff, so you will have to repeat yourself a lot, which is why people think Vegans are annoying, well quit offering us cheese pizzas!
  22. Flax seed and Chia seeds are my best friends when it comes to baking.
  23. You get to lick the batter when you bake vegan friendly recipes! My son loves it!
  24. Everything can be made vegan, everything…Instead of eggs you can use ground flax, chia seeds,peanut butter, apple sauce..the possibilities are endless it just takes some experimenting with what works.
  25. Sometimes I eat fake cheese by Daiya, and it is a little expensive.
  26. I never cheat, but a few times I’ve accidentally ate something due to people telling me it was vegan or misreading labels.
  27. My grocery bill went down from not buying meats and cheeses or other animal products.
  28. Not my whole family is Vegan, I am the only one, but my child is gluten free and casein free due to Sensory sensitivities and Autism Characteristics.
  29. I quit cooking meat even for my husband, if he wants to eat it, he cooks it and I rarely buy it for him, so he’s kind of shit out of luck. LOL
  30. I am so proud of myself and if I can do this anyone can, it just takes self control.
  31. Its much easier than people will lead you to believe.
  32. I will never go back to eating precious little animals.
  33. I don’t judge others who eat meat or dairy, I actually understand why not everyone would want to go vegan, because it does take a lot of control and you need to be aware of every detail you eat,not everyone wants that responsibility.

2 thoughts on “Random Things I’ve learned being Vegan

  1. PeaceNowFlower says:

    Every time you are tempted for a cheeseburger just know it will make you feel horrible. I’m just mostly vegetarian, and was pure vegetarian for three years. Eating meat for the first time after three years is hard to digest. I imagine for a vegan it would be worse.

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