Shifts leading to the Lunar Eclipse

Well…. Things have got crazy. The Energy coming in is super intense, we thought last December was wild, yet here we are again, always feeling like, “This must be the breaking point” but it’s not. We all continue to stretch and adjust to the raises of frequency only to continue to soar higher and higher. I’ve had some wild experiences with my technology, my entire laptop crashed, and I was left having to cancel my planned Starseed Skype Call. I felt like a failure for a bit, then I got myself together and realized, it wasn’t the right timing. I do feel this sense of urgency, that many of you also are feeling. We are trying to tie up loose ends get our emotional bodies together and be an example. I have been having lots of loving guidance coming through from the Angels, ETs, and Faerys. Last night the faerys actually placed a crown of white flowers around my head, because I was having a million thoughts buzzing around in my mental field. As soon as this was placed, I felt a deep calm come over me, and I was finally able to sleep. So many people are experiencing changes in sleep patterns, new revelations from their guides, and exciting weird dreams. I have been having all kinds of activity that I can’t list it all here, it’s just all there constantly. When I used to mainly receive guidance when in trance to channel, I now am constantly plugged in and receive conscious guidance throughout the day. I am in a dream world even when awake. I have noticed my eyeballs hurting, and it feels as if I haven’t got enough sleep. They sting like they are exhausted. I don’t know what my star family are doing with my eyeballs, I know there is a lot of activation going on with me every night. Sometimes I can remember my encounters, others it floats away before I can write it down. The most recent encounter I had was of the hybrid children who I have a big part of my mission with. I saw a boy walking on an electrical wire high up in the sky, and I was terrified when I saw this. I was supposed to be watching him. I told him to please get down, so he did a somersault and then landed on a trampoline below. He thought it was quite exciting and fun, I was freaking out. I then saw a girl who appeared to have special needs of some sort. I needed to change her diaper, but her butt was purple when I changed it. These kind of dreams have a lot of knowledge in them, most people would just think these are dreams of children. But to me, I know, sense, and am told that these are special children I’m interacting with. Most of the time if children in your dreams seem a bit “off” when you compare them to Earth children, it’s probably a hybrid. They are super fun and love to play and do daring things like walk on a wire high up in the sky. Some of their features are different like the little girl had purple skin. Sometimes they have huge eyes that you can see your soul in. These little differences are how you can spot if you are involved with the hybridization program. There is a parallel program that is Earth based, this one is not the one I focus on. The earth based one is creating children as weapons, not as gifts of consciousness for the planet. The one I am involved with is in a space ship above earth, and the children remain there until it is time to come to Earth. This is the one filled with loving intentions and will create a galactic unity in our lifetime. Hang in there guys, better yet, let it all go, because things are going to trigger us, make us release, and help push us further into the unknown.


9 thoughts on “Shifts leading to the Lunar Eclipse

  1. mollyb111 says:

    I’m right there with you. I always enjoy reading and “like” your articles but for some reason my icon is not showing up on many wordpress sights. I’m invisible, lol. It feels urgent/intense yet I’ve learned (that for me) it’s not – just new awesome energy. Thank you for your wisdom and all that you do!! Love and light.

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  2. PeaceNowFlower says:

    I used to be in a hybrid program. I decided to request a withdraw from the program. As the program I was in involved spiritual sex. My period stopped for 9 months last year. I was too frustrated with the level of trust needed. How did I know these children were being cared for correctly. I have been out of the program a month, yet I get on checked for mind changes often. How can I be sure it is the good program and not a trick? I also like having a period again. Less worry about my health.

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    • Ariels Angelic Healing says:

      For me, I just know by the feeling I get in my heart when I am contacted by my kids, and when I first was told by beings that I was making hybrid babies, I literally cried and prayed in the astrals and was seriously distraught. I have slowly got much more comfortable with the whole deal. If you are having military/government experiences where they are testing you and the children and the children seem more disconnected from you, thats the program I would say is less positive. If you are going up in ships at night and having intercourse spiritually it is probably the more positive program. I can totally understand the stress of not having periods, I usually have erratic cycles myself. I am usually told when I have hybrid births, the children will come to me and introduce themselves. All my interactions with the kids on ships has been very loving for me. I don’t mind the sex, at least my dreams are exciting I guess hehehe 😉

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      • PeaceNowFlower says:

        Part of me knows it isn’t a government program. More often I am visited then going on ships. I might have never been on a ship. I only get brief glances at children. The first child was put in my arms in a dream as a baby. I overreached and freaked out. It just looked like a baby to me. Yet I thought it meant a child was on its way. I didn’t want a child to raise. In the dream the person holding the baby said that me freaking out wasn’t what they intended.

        I am unsure how many children I’ve had. Other then a random vision of a child, nothing is announced.

        My program is more in the spirit realm then alien. So it is as of yet hard to visualize things. It wasn’t until my periods started stopping that I even thought a child was possible.

        Usually it isn’t a dream, though I admit to having dreams, too. I have the fairly common ability to have sex with spirit while awake. Only in the last three or four years did this lead to stopped periods. And me worrying that I might be pregnant when I am on a medication that you shouldn’t take in pregnancy.

        So I would debate taking a test, and if it was even possible. My doctor would give me something to start my period after testing me. Only the third time did I wait things out.

        So I might have one-three or more if it just didn’t effect my period before.

        I wonder what the point is of having all these hybrid children.


      • Ariels Angelic Healing says:

        From my information I’m given, the reason is to create a Galactic Unity among all races. And these children will come to the Earth when the frequency is high enough for them to exist comfortably. They are super high vibe, which is why it’s hard for us to remember visits with them. You experience of being presented with a baby is very common among hybrid mothers. Have you ever checked out Lots of great stories from other parents on there. For me, the Spirit world and the ET world is one in the same, most of my ET contact is of a Spiritual Nature, very etheric and loving. I actually told them I wanted to be an adoptive mother for the children who their mothers didn’t have contact with, some humans aren’t ready, so I a stepped up to be the nurturer for these children. I consider them all my children in that way, I love them all and Im here for all of them who need a Motherly connection. ❤

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      • PeaceNowFlower says:

        Thanks for the site. I was actually wondering if there were a book on hybrid children you recommend. You had a book for hybrids, but I want to read up on this program.


      • Ariels Angelic Healing says:

        The hybrid book I just read by Barbara Lamb does touch on the subject, but its mainly just other starseeds personal experiences. I have heard Mary Rodwells book the new humans has some decent information in it. I myself try not to go too far into the UFO, ET books that aren’t of a spiritual nature, because sometimes it can be a bit harsh and low vibrational. You will know if a book is right for you of course, But that website is a great start if you are wanting to learn more. Bridget Neilsen also has some you tube videos talking about the hybrid program. But most of all, seek within your heart if you want to know more. I don’t like to recommend much info from outside of yourself, since we all have unique experiences in the program and in our lives. If you open up to the children, they can teach you more about how things work. They have told me before, they are guiding and teaching me, which is funny since I imagine them as little children. Although time is not existent there, and they are kept out of time, so they are kind of forever children, but so wise. Feel free to email me if you ever want to chat more about this.

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