Meet the Hybrids Review & Dream Contact

I just read Barbara Lamb’s book Meet the Hybrids- The lives and missions of ET ambassadors on Earth. Let me tell you, I’ve read a lot of books, but this one is PERFECT for awakening starseeds and or hybrids. I consider myself both. I also have hybrid children living on ships awaiting to come to Earth when the frequency is high enough. I love how this book is in a question answer format, with real starseeds sharing their real awakening experiences. It also offers helpful formats to opening up further to communication with Star Family. I love Barbara Lambs other book about crop circles, too. I love that she shares hypnotherapy sessions in her books and that gives people more of a “real” experience rather than just hearing it from someone, you get the feeling of experiencing it along with the one who is doing the hypnotherapy session. What I really love about this book is the starseeds speak about things other people don’t want to, they unveil the part of this service that not many want to admit. That is the fact that the military is watching us starseeds and that we still need protection from our guides and angels while incarnated here on earth. I also love that many of these starseeds have Reptilian DNA and show a different side of the story, with loving Reptilian beings. I myself have a Reptilian hybrid child, and I feel I have Reptilian DNA within me as well. So it is nice to see a book that aligns with my own intuition that not all Reptilians are “bad” just like not all humans are “bad”. So I really loved this book, I read it in two days, and then I had a very amazing contact experience last night, where I actually saw the shadow of a being in my room, I was talking with them about my trust in my guides, and my trust in my own intuition and abilities. I was very confident and sure of myself. This was an astral encounter, it always is, and when I have ET experiences I always call on Archangel Michael, they are always there to keep me calm and to be open to the experience and to keep my heart open.  I could tell that the reason I only saw this being as a shadow, was because their vibration was too high for me to see physically. They felt very loving and gentle and I wasn’t afraid. I know more happened but I can only recall this much, I also saw a book floating and I think it represented this book I just read and how it is an activation for me. Totally recommend all starseeds check this book out, you will love it, and you will feel community with the other starseeds, and not feel so lonely. I also love that it touches a bit on the fact that sometime starseeds are forced by the military or government people to commit suicide, many of us have had this happen and its not talked about as much as it should be. Many of us are extremely protected so it doesn’t work, and we move forward with our lives after that traumatic episode, but I’m glad this problem is being noticed when one of the starseeds mentions it in his experience. Check it out!!


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