Dreams & Ships

I’ve been having some of the strangest dreams lately. None of them make any sense, and they jump around an awful lot. But last night, while my body was buzzing intensely, I had one dream that stood out. I was gathered in a group of people we were creating some kind of artwork that looked like a star being. I began to create symbols that looked like my light language symbols. I then began to draw a cave, and within this cave was a space ship. I was coloring this with colored pencils, this is a medium of channeling that I do often in my dreams, I am drawing within the dream pictures of ETs or symbols. This is how my higher self communicates with me in dream time. I once was drawing the actual “ET” From the movie ET the extraterrestrial. Another time I was writing in the sand with a stick “It’s about time you wake up and listen to what I say” So this dream was within my normal communications. As I woke up I asked my guides what was that about? I received something something something about school and going to and from someplace. When I receive messages in thought form they usually fade away faster than I can remember or interpret. So I using my intuition dug deeper and realized this was the place an actual ship was based, in the mountains. And that we the starseeds are going to and from our “classes” via teleporting during our dream time and astral travels. This is intriguing to me, because for the most part when I go in the ships, I imagine that they are above the earth floating in space. This makes me really see the ship visitations from a whole new perspective, so I guess that was the whole point of this dream contact. I also feel many are being able to hold these conscious memories more easily now of interactions on the ships. I feel there are many of these ships docked here for eons, and nobody knows about them, only those who are meant to go aboard know the frequency signature to get there and board them. I have heard there is a ship under the Sphinx in Egypt, so perhaps there is some truth to that.


2 thoughts on “Dreams & Ships

  1. Lynette says:

    Wow, intense you figured that all out! I also recently feel like they are in caves under ground! When I’m in meditation I instinctively visually try to go up to a healing chamber, but just recently began feeling a tug on my roots that are anchor in the grid below my feet telling me the healing ships are below, I fought it at first but have just started going down instead. Weird.
    Thanks for sharing! ♡♡♡

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