Clinging to Familiarity

Well, did  anyone get any sleep last night? I felt like I was being microwaved from within, as my whole body buzzed and vibrated. I literally prayed for my heart to not explode. I was also going through a lot of personal stress along with the activations. This kind of experience, is one I figured would be happening closely to the final stages of Ascension. I feel that we signed up for this thinking we could handle it easily, but forgot it was going to feel so intense, and cause extreme panic at times. I honestly don’t always have the courage and strength necessary for this journey. Last night I was distraught feeling like I was in some kind of horror movie and I couldn’t get out. I always feel very intense activations in my physical body near the solar eclipses and the solstice, but this is just the most intense stuff I’ve ever had. No wonder everyone is freaking out. I realize during these chaotic feeling energies, we are being rearranged and recentered, and the more we scatter our energy worrying and stressing it makes it worse. So when I am having extreme heart palpitations and anxiety I try my best to ask for assistance from my guides and angels and to breathe deeply through it. It is almost like giving birth, the experience is scary, we must dig deep for courage and let nature take its course, then afterwards we are gifted with a new awareness and calmness. According to Laura Pleiadian, she says we are receiving hourly downloads as of March 5th, and they begin 11 after the hour, commencing until 33 after the hour. I resonate deeply with her messages and this specific one. I really do feel we are making big strides in the collective consciousness and many of us who are awakened are in a new stage of evolution. I feel many beings are also on the same pathway as me, we are all supporting each other from a multidimensional level. We are all guiding each other back home, to the higher consciousness levels. I remain in contact with my council and many other beings who are assuring me of big changes happening on multiple levels for us all. It has been a terrifying yet satisfying roller coaster ride, and I feel we are nearing the end of the beginning, all the work we have done since 2012 has really accelerated our paths and we are finally able to open ourselves up to receive the harvest of the seeds we have planted back then. For now, I am going to do my best to remain calm and centered in my heart space, trying not to freak out too much. Which by the way, today I had a series of unfortunate events that included the Jehovah’s witness people coming to my home inviting me to their event. I had so much coming at me, I asked the universe, please I don’t want any more! Just too much all at once, it is stressful and difficult to remain in my heart at all moments, so I am basically just hanging out until the Ascension, minding my own business, reading some great books( My current book is Barbara Lamb’s Crop circle book), trying not to let these upgrades pull me from my center too far. But Im afraid that is the whole point, haha! They are helping us to move on to a different way of being, and that means leaving our comfort zones. Many of us aren’t feeling ready yet for that. But it is inevitable, so I guess we might as well flow with it.


4 thoughts on “Clinging to Familiarity

  1. Lynette says:

    I had the same kind of night! Thanks slept till 11am and was like wtf time is it?!
    We’re in this together thanks for sharing your have all my love and light!!
    Let’s do this!
    Love you!

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