Wild Start to 2016

Whew! Are you guys feeling it? Intensely? This year is a Universal 9 year in Numerology, and this is a powerful number. I know we have all been expecting it to be challenging and chaotic, but we had no idea it would be this strong did we? Many changes personally, globally, and Spiritually. The spiritual energy is so thick you can almost taste it in the air. I have felt the huge shifts taking place, and they have knocked me down on my ass a few times so far this year. I feel such a build up to the Solar Eclipse next week that I can’t really even put it into words. All of this intense shifting is just validating all my own psychic knowing that I have been feeling towards the end of 2015. I felt we were all wrapping things up, letting go, clearing the way so that we can really dive deep into the newness. I have noticed I am not so interested in my business, I don’t really care much about reaching out to the people, and making myself exert a huge amount of energy doing readings, healing sessions, and all kinds of other services. I am beginning to really just settle within, and trust that I am shining my light, doing what I came here to do no matter what I am doing. For a long time I put out way too much energy towards my business, and wasn’t receiving equal amounts in return. So I was running on Empty, just chugging along without stopping to take a breathe. So now, I am taking a deep long breathe, I am sort of closing up shop for a bit. My guides and I have talked, and I told them I don’t want to do too much “stuff” right now. I just want to focus within and have some nice silent rest. I have done a lot in service to raising the collective consciousness, and it’s my time to rest. So many other healers are on the same path, we come out of the gates moving very quickly, trying our best to spread the light and the knowledge, only to become exhausted and use up all our energy in the first few years we are out there in the public eye. This is why many channels will stop doing readings and begin to focus on writing books or doing workshops, because doing daily readings and healing sessions can really drain you. I am to that point, I can still channel and do readings, but it’s not my main focus. When I channel now, I do it for myself, and for my own curiosity and guidance. I am less motivated in trying to make enough money to survive on doing this work. I am more focused on my personal growth and activation than on others at this point. That may sound cold to some, but I don’t really care what it sounds like. I must honor myself first, and that’s something I haven’t done since creating this business offering my service to the activation and healing for humanity. Many others are also being lead to change their services, and I also feel guided to pass the torch to the other starseeds, who are now ready to step into the role I am leaving behind. They are fresh, new, and have plenty of energy to do this work. They are ready, and I am relieved to pass it over to them. So many people will continue to force their services, and to force themselves to become drained “for the good of humanity” but that is not what we set out to do here. We came to share our light, but also to be balanced in polarity, to be an example of what it is like to live balanced in masculine and feminine aspects/energies. If we as light workers continue to just pump our energy out without receiving or resting, that is very masculine based living. This continues the same cycle we came to change, so for myself, I am focusing within, and allowing myself that time in the womb of the divine feminine. This will give me time to grow and be nourished as I prepare for the next phase. I had to do a lot of self work, and trusting my guides to get to this place, to where I don’t have to “do” so much, and I am just meant to BE here. This path towards Ascension is an inner journey, it doesn’t have to be so noticeable from outside of ourselves, we can do our work within, and that is maybe even more powerful than broadcasting our frequencies to the world and doing a million activations and readings a day. Hang on to your hats, because the Solar Eclipse is coming up, and then the Spring Equinox. HUGE RESETS. HUGE. Prepare now, meditate daily, and move your body, get outside, and try to flow with it. ❤


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