March Reading 2016

Well February energies sure were interesting, I have been super sick and actually thought I was dying at one point. I’m sure many of you can relate to the intensity of February. Thank Goddess, it’s about over. I feel March as being just as intense, but with less darkness. I am seeing it as a fresh start, a reset for us all as we enter into the Eclipse season beginning with the Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March Ninth. Two weeks later will be the First Equinox of 2016, so it’s a big shift for us all coming, and I feel many of us who are having a rough time are releasing all we must before moving forward into this period of further transformation. I have chose a few cards to receive further guidance for us all, as always, these readings are just as much for me as they are for you all, I just hope in sharing they inspire you to dig deep within and find your own truth.

I used the Co-Creation Code Deck by Rowena Pattee Kryder & The Galactic Heritage Cards by Lyssa Royal for this reading.

Crystal Spirits– Weaving Geometries- Connecting with these crystal spirits, and the crystalline grids is beneficial to us now. As we become more crystalline, we can tune in further to the wisdom of these wise beings. If you feel guided use crystals to set up a grid for the Equinox, helping you in attracting your desires of World Peace and Collective Unity.

Terrifying Spirits-Confusion Twists-You have the strength to allow the Terrifying spirits to eat away all fear and confusion, accept it as part of the process. Confusion can help shift you and your beliefs quickly. These spirits press in toward the very core of fear in your unconscious. Stop trying to become fearless or to run away from it, face it, stare it down into dissolution. These spirits are not evil, but are so compassionate that they put on a fearful disguise to help you face what you have denied for Eons. WITNESS Everything you feel, look at, stare at it-perhaps reacting, but also with detachment. Now you have the inner strength and love and power to transform the very root of fear in your psyche. Allow yourself to be transformed!


Balance– This is an Arcturian card, the Arcturians represent balance for us humans to be inspired to change. In seeing them, we see our potential for achieving balance in polarity, and in all areas of our lives. They teach us techniques to assist this process. If you feel guided, connect with them, ask them to help assist you in your strive for finding balance. They are very wise beings, very loving, very pure. You will love to get to know them more!

Conservative Attachments– This is an Earth card, this one tells us it is natural for us to fear change during this transformative period. The feeling of safety is an illusion, this illusion no longer serves us any longer. We must branch out and do things differently. Think different thoughts. Make new choices. Live our highest desires now. We must heal the karmic pattern of fearing change. Embrace it with open arms, and know that it serves your highest good.


Progressive Desires– During a time of transformation, it is common to feel a great excitement and a desire to make sweeping change very quickly. However, because many people fear change, it is easier for us to make changes slow and steady. Take baby steps, you don’t want to shock your body and traumatize yourself. In taking slow steps, those who cling to the old will not get spooked and obstruct the natural process of transformation. It would be wise to become comfortable with the unknown and with new directions that may arise so that when growth becomes necessary for you, you can navigate it with grace and ease.

Many of us are feeling “done” we’re ready to finish our missions. I myself am there. I have done a lot of service work for the planet, and a lot of self- work and I am exhausted. I’m annoyed with the human life, the gender specific roles here, the polarity, the dishes, ect. I understand fully why many are freaking the fuck out. I’m right there with you all. Sometimes I am at a very low place, and sometimes I go very high. It’s hard to try and surf these waves without going back and forth. Those who tell you ascension is easy and filled with butterflies is full of shit. It also has a lot of dark crevices that we must unveil within ourselves. Many of us are cleaning out our dark closets right now, and it’s not pretty. Lots of emotions stirred up with the Full Moon and we are still feeling it. It’s not going to get easier, but it is all worth it. I feel March will continue in intensity, in teaching us how to flow more easily with our emotions instead of just letting them take us on a wild joy ride. I feel many are opening up to their abilities now, the starseeds are beginning to work together telepathically, The star children are being supported and nurtured in gentle ways to not disturb their light. There is a new frequency being born on the earth now, and with this new light, will come a lot of new things within our society. I feel the cosmic disclosure is coming soon, so many of us are awake now, the guides tell me a majority of humanity is ready to move forward in conscious contact. We must continue to raise our spiritual light quotient and to keep ourselves at a very high vibration, the highest possible. Detach from all dramas and illusions. Keep yourself and your family shielded with the Violet Flame technology. Ask for assistance from your guides and angels. Don’t be afraid of the changes going on now, and coming in the near future. Open yourself up to the unknown, to the magic, to the divine plan. Don’t get too caught up in material abundance, strive for something greater! As we move into the month of March keep your thoughts positive and your hopes high, it is a highly auspicious time for divination and miracles!

Love & Stardust, Ahriellia





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