Streamlining My Services

I want to write a quick post, just to inform everyone, that I am changing my services up a bit. So if you come to my website, and a Service you wanted isn’t listed any longer I want to share this with you all in advance. I have been feeling spread too thin for a long time now, and I’ve needed to streamline down to a few basic services for my own sanity. For a long time I have avoided my own self love, in caring for others, having a baby and beginning a family, and caring for pets, and all of humanity. I have always had a generous soul, wanted to save the world. Now it is time for me to focus more on myself, and to focus more love and attention to my ever changing passions. I have really enjoyed helping humanity in this way of giving readings, and healing sessions among other services I have offered. I am still going to be doing personal audio readings and dream catchers at this time. I have been guided to really move into a new direction with my passions, and that is to help empower women during pregnancy and birth. I am going to devote a lot of my time studying and growing, learning all I can so that in the future I may be able to become a doula and maybe even one day, a Midwife. These are dreams of mine I would like to pursue. I also am going to be homeschooling my little one when he is older, so I needed to trim down my services, because I was offering a lot of different things. It’s now time for me to stop trying to save humanity, and to really focus on saving myself. For so long I have avoided my own passions to follow the path of the light bearer. All along I never realized that just by lighting myself, I am helping others. There is no need to force this, it is a natural process that happens without my conscious effort. I want to become EFFORTLESS. I want to focus on the things I love, and that does include spirituality, but it’s my own path I need to focus on for the time being. I have neglected myself in order to serve the greater good, and it has been one choice that has a lot of rewards, but also has drained my own energy and light at times. Many don’t understand all the energy it takes to channel daily and to tap into other people’s energies on a daily basis. I have put so much effort into this that I have become a bit burned out, and my guides have supported me along the way. I am receiving now that, It is time! It is time for me to step out of the role as a full blown peace bringer, and to focus on the peace that is already within me. I’ve had to deal with many critics on social media, people who just comment to try to bring me down. I have had many creepy men message me and be very inappropriate with me. I have had funky energy stick around after doing a reading with someone. I have been through all of it with love, and with compassion for my fellow humans. But now is the time I begin to focus more on myself. So I just want to tell you all if you are seeking a healing session I am not going to do those any longer, I may in the future come back to this. I’m not sure what is to come of all these changes. I am not setting any of this in stone. I am very fluid and fairy like. I change with the winds. For now, I still am available for readings or dream catchers and of course I always  answer messages if you have any questions. I have nothing but Love and Compassion for every single being on Earth.


Love & Stardust! – Ariel


4 thoughts on “Streamlining My Services

  1. Lynette says:

    I think that is a wonderful plan my dear Soul SiStar! All 4 of my daughters are getting on the baby train, 2 starting in July to try and get pregnant. So you won’t be getting rid of me ! I was also a mid -wife so hit me up if you need anything. Much love and strength to you! You’ve got this! Love you girl!

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