Inspiration for the New Moon

Tomorrow begins a new chapter for us all, with the New Moon in Aquarius. This will influence us for the next 4 weeks until the Solar Eclipse on March 8th.  This is a wonderful time to cut old cords, open yourself up to transformation and new beginnings.  This is the New Moon of Harmony, aligning us all with our Inner Peace. Many of us are moving up in octave into a higher level of holding the light. We are able to now be in service to the All That Is more effectively. Many of you are going to be stepping into new roles as Lightworkers, shining your light more in the public light, being a leader for the Starseeds. It is up to us to show humanity that there is nothing to fear, we are full of love, there is no reason to be afraid of us. We are here with the best of intentions, so as you speak your truth you will awaken others, inspiring them to also speak up and step into the role as a Planetary Guardian.

Here are a few Inspirations for the New Moon:

  • Cleanse and  Rearrange your Altar
  • Create Crystal Grids
  • Write out Intentions of what you to manifest in your life
  • Do a simple ritual involving candles, crystals, or fire ceremonies
  • Allow yourself to become more soft and open to bring in the light codes more easily
  • Fast or Detox, drinking plenty of water
  • Spend time in Nature
  • Send light to the new grids on the planet assisting the whole in raising their vibration
  • Meditate, and tune in to your higher self, asking for guidance, asking for the next step
  • Communicate with your Star Family, Angelic Beings,Faery Beings, Dolphins, Ect. To strengthen your bond with them
  • Create a healthy routine such as yoga or daily meditation that you would like to incorporate into your life
  • Cut all cords from your past, use the violet flame technology to assist you in transmuting all old drama and karma into light, freeing you to begin anew
  • Take time away from Technology, Or at least turn off your wi-fi router at night
  • Pay attention to the symbols in your dreams, they are sending you guidance and little bits of information about this next phase in your life.
  • Be gentle with yourself and others, we are all going through changes at our own individual pace
  • Step out of your comfort zone, meet new people who are on your level, join a group, be active at a community level
  • Remain at Peace, and always trusting your inner guidance, your higher heart is always leading the way


As always I wish to encourage you all to continue feeling your way through these upgrades and changes. Your hearts are powerful, and so are you. I wish you all many New Moon Blessings. Lets all Purify ourselves and make room for the higher light to enter into our systems, upgrading and activating us further at a pace that is right for us individually.

Love & Stardust!


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