Closing in on Conscious Contact

I’m being opened up more and more to conscious contact via dream time. Last night, I had a strange occurrence even for me. I witnessed myself having two separate experiences one was loving, one was fearful. I realize that my own fear is the filter of my contact experiences. This is why many people think they are ready for conscious contact, but on a very deep level they are not. They still have subconscious fears running the show. And from what I have heard from the ETs they know when what we can handle at every point of our evolution, so they open us up to them slowly consciously. I was aware I was reading a “fiction” book in my dream, although it was very real, and as I read it, I realized it was about disclosure and contact taking place on Earth, and how it pertained to me and my own story. I then was aware that my husband was on a rooftop across from my apartment, and he was trying to call me, but the phone didn’t work. He was trying to tell me “They’re here, on the roof, above me” I had set up some sort of fort ,knowing it was time, they were coming. I at first was open and loving, I said “I come in peace” to them and they were children, they looked very similar to the hybrid children. I was aware one of them was of a crawling nature, the other just stood on two legs. I opened up to them telepathically, they didn’t speak in words. I showed them with hand gestures how to throw a ball and play catch. They seemed to enjoy it. This is something I know I do with the hybrid children on a subconscious level, I teach them human games and about human life. I then was replayed the same experience again in a different way. My fear took over and was running the dream. I was afraid of them as they came, I hid under the blanket on a bunkbed fort, an I was crying, upset, anxious. They came in then I tell them “I come in peace” The crawling ET crawled onto my bed coming at me, in a viscious manner. I tried to grab them as they came towards my face. I was screaming “I come in love I come in love!!!”

I was awoken with that experience, it was too much to handle for me. I was sad because most of my interactions are so pleasant and wonderful with the ETs and especially the hybrid children. This is why I have been opened up to this very slowly, we all have a collective fear of ETs. In ancient times the negative ETs came down from the skies and made us their slaves and many other details I will not mention. I am aware we must clear this fear and trauma from the collective, but with so many scary movies and the media scare tactics, the government not opening up about the positive ETs…I wonder if it will ever happen. I know I can personally work on my own fears, and do my own part, but for the greater whole, I am just not sure. It’s going to take a big positive event to cause the humans to trust the positive ETs. They will “believe it, when they see it.”


I’m hoping we can all move past this fear, in time to be able to be assisted by the ETs if needed. I feel a bubbling up happening, and this negative fear based contact energy is needing to surface and release. Maybe some of us are working through it in dream time, like I am. A book I really love about contact is by Lyssa Royal, and it’s called Preparing for Contact. She works with the Pleiadian contact team for humans, and that book really opened my eyes to what it’s really like, from the perspective of the Pleiadians and other ETs working with Earth. It’s difficult to work with us when we are so focused in fear of ET’s. They have to wait until the time is right, and the energy has been healed and released.

I am aware, I probably was working with the hybrid children in this dream, only my fear was causing a veil of darkness over my experiences. As everything is holographic in nature, my fear  can make me see things that aren’t really true. The hybrid kids are the most loving beings I’ve ever been honored to know. Just because I have these bits of murky fear tinted experiences, I won’t let it take over my experiences. There are so so many experiences of the light that I have, that these little spaces of darkness are nothing to be alarmed about. This is the laws of the Universe, there is dark and there is light. There must be a balance. Many lightworkers refuse to accept their own fears and that causes lots of issues for the collective. The Pleiadian’s hid their negative energy and suppressed it for a long time until all of their race became sick and there was no cure for it. They went to the Shaman for help, they told them, You must release this energy, you can’t just focus on the good and not the bad. There is a balance to be found. We must go through our fears, learn from them and then move forward.



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