2/2 Energy Blast

Of course, after I say “I haven’t had any upgrades lately” I get blasted with one last night! Hehehe



So, Around 3-4 Am my time, I am blasted with such high light frequency, I can’t go back to sleep. I was having extremely vivid dreams that were of a prophetic nature for my own personal life right before this blast. I also had an experience, being a woman’s guide. She was laying in a bed, her eyes about to close. I whisper to her “You handle the 3D,  I will handle the 5D.” Hehehe I just can’t make this shit up. Anyways, I felt a major upgrade in my system, felt like a large clearing, clearing away a lot of frustrations for me. I have been frustrated with the Ascension process, trying to hang in there, and be the light, but have become exhausted. I feel most of my service work needs to be changed up, and I don’t know how to go about it at this point. So I am sort of in a resting, waiting phase. I know this will pass, but it has been strange for me. I am a busy lady, always jumping to the next project, moving and shaking at all times. I realize this time I need to relax and just BE. It is difficult for me to do this. I know many others are feeling they are at a standstill, I am with you guys. It’s time for us to really nurture ourselves through this period, and to keep our hearts open. I know we are really moving into the phase of action. People are feeling guided to make major life changes, and it can be scary. I know we will make it through it is just a bumpy ride.   I am thankful that I am aware of these shifts and waves that come in, and I can participate and use them to grow.



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