A Day in Nature



Just sharing a few photos from my Day exploring nature in my little piece of heaven. I love to go outside and receive the sun light, absorbing the light codes and being refreshed and recharged. I have some hawk friends, who I have mentioned before that keep watch over my home and space. They come to visit me during very sacred moments. Today I saw so many I lost count. I usually only see the male and female pair, but today I saw three circling overhead while this one in the picture posted on a tree watching me. I am so grateful for them, they come to tell me I am on my way, I have done what I needed to do, and I am being opened up further to my soul purpose. They remind me of my nature that is elemental and angelic, they remind me that I can Fly. They give me great hope and show me the magic available to us all. When I have these wise beings visit me, I am at awe, just overwhelmed with their power, grace, and magic. I am so grateful for the experiences I can have in my own backyard. As soon as I stepped outside today a hawk swooped down and caws in front of me. They are sending you messages, the winged ones are always sending us guidance and protection. Listen to the animals right now, they are really making their presence known.



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