Beloved Experiences With My Guides

Yesterday, I allowed myself to become too entangled in other peoples issues, when in fact they were the ones in lower density, not me. I sometimes have to pull myself back out into observing mode, letting go of attachments to Earthly Illusions. It is much easier said than done. I still have to deal with situations while incarnated on Earth, and it is difficult for me to balance my feet on the Earth plane with my head in the clouds. Thank the Universe for my guides! They are always with me every step of the way, encouraging me, healing me, and lighting me. Last night after a particularly ugly interaction with another human, I took a salt bath and asked my guides to assist me in cleansing all the psychic attacks from this person, and I asked them to help me find forgiveness in my heart and to not be judgmental of this person. I was reminded “They know not what they do”, because they are living in 3D Earth, they don’t realize that there is another way of existing, and I am here to show them that other option. To be the one to not jump into the drama, and to just follow my heart and inner peace, to not be swayed by this nonsense in 3D.


I have one guide who I still don’t really know how to explain the connection, for a long time I thought they may be my “twin” or something of that nature, I felt an intense connection and great love in my heart when they were near. I have interactions with this guide that is unlike any other experiences. He will not tell me all the details, because It would ruin the “earth experience”. When I am in great pain, and dealing with particularly emotional issues here, he will comfort me by placing his hand on my left cheek. I then feel intense connection and love, it makes all the pain and issues fade away. This has been a weird thing for me to accept, accepting love from a guide in this way, accepting healing in this way. I am still barely grasping our connection, and I don’t know a lot about it. All I know is that we have shared lives together, in some of them we are in a tribal setting, we are walking on dirt roads together, we are like brothers, hunting for our village together. I don’t know his name, I know his frequency. He is always on my left side. For a long time I thought this energy was just the collective known as “Archangel Michael” but now I know better. I am much more opened up to the world of higher beings now and I realize that when I used to call upon my angels, these beings also included many many more energies than I could imagine. I have so many guides and collectives I work with I lose track of who is who and to be honest a lot of them can blend and merge together so I feel them as “the many” beings I am in contact with. I am always grateful for their assistance. If I didn’t have them, I would probably feel so alone and depressed, like before I awakened. I am happy to have assistance here, and they are my best friends. I trust them more than the humans, and I have built up a very strong bond with them all. I am still unraveling all of my own connections, and learning as I go. I don’t try to tell people I know all of the answers, because I don’t. All I know is when I feel through life with my heart, it is a bit more easier, and it gives me reasons why I need to go through situations, tells me what I need to work on to grow, and I don’t feel so alone here.

After my guide helped me through my rough night, I went into dream space, and was brought to a huge salt bath that I felt was actually on a ship. I absorbed this water into my cellular structure and then all that was left in the bath was crystallized salt. I am frequently brought to these sort of “bath houses” on the ships, and I feel so much cleaner and pure when I leave there. I am happy when I can remember these experiences, because I don’t always get to. My conscious mind will filter out many of my experiences so I have to play connect the dots to figure it all out.



One thought on “Beloved Experiences With My Guides

  1. Lynette says:

    So so cool, what a great connection. You are so lucky and I’m so glad you all have each other ♡♡♡
    Thanks for sharing this amazing story ♡♡♡


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