*NEW* Intro To Light Language Class

I’m so excited to share this gift with the Starseeds!!

I have been guided to create a class for those Starseeds ready to take their planetary healing to the next level. Light Language has always been with us since the dawn of time, and humans are finally awakening to this fact, and remembering the power we all have deep inside. Light Language has many benefits and can be used as a healing modality all by itself! This gift has really changed my life since opening up to channeling and working with this multidimensional tool. Light Language isn’t something to be comprehended by our human minds, which exists at the Third Dimensional Level, it is Soul Language, and your Soul knows what needs to be healed in every transmission that you are either receiving, or transmitting.


For me, I use this tool mainly to be in contact with my Arcturian Collective group, to receive downloads that will assist in my mission here. I also use it in my healing sessions for others, and for the planet. It is a tool that has literally endless possibilities and I am so grateful to have the honor of sharing it with others. So many people give away their power to healers, and it just doesn’t have to be that way. I am here to give you back your power, to open you up a bit to this powerful healing technology, to put the power in your hands as you self heal.

This is my gift to humanity, to the planet, and so I have made this as affordable as I could, at only $33.00 USD I hope everyone can afford it that feels guided. If you can’t afford it, I am open to bartering! I hope to inspire others and teach them what I know, encourage them to continue following their hearts and growing their abilities.

Check out the Intro to Light Language Class Here—-> https://arielsangelichealing.com/workshops/


All students are free to exchange e-mails with me after purchase to talk about light language and share experiences.


This is an audio class, so you can listen to it whenever you’d like, over and over again, daily if you want. You can make it your own, I just give you the basic tools, and tips that I wish someone gave me when I began my Light Language Journey.



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