My Faith In Humanity

Today I was watching the movie “Home” which is a favorite in my house. The little Alien guy “O” Talks about how his species thought humans were just like Animals, and they lacked intelligence, and could be removed from their homes.(Like Humans do to animals, and other humans like the Native Americans ect.)  It sparked a little moment for me, and I could see how humans have been very barbaric in the past, and I know there is a lot more to our ancient past, lots of dark times that I am not even consciously aware of. I am aware of the barbaric ways of the human, I have survived giving birth in this society, and my child barely did, he still suffers from birth traumas and is considered Borderline for Autism and has Sensory Dysfunction Disorder. The foods we are fed and the water we drink is poisoned, and many of us are just trying to get by.


I think about how difficult it is to live here, and how stressful it is for others to survive on this planet. It hurts my heart, but I see a glimmer of hope and light, and that light grows each day. I see things shifting, I see people being good to other humans. Today I woke up and saw right away, a ladybug climbing on my ceiling and the ladybug to me is a sign of abundance. I try to go through all the things I am grateful for before getting out of bed, and this was as I saw the ladybug. Today I had a lot of really amazing experiences that I wasn’t expecting. I received gifts from the Universe, my mother calls me says she may be able to gift me her vehicle. A beautiful soul family member and friend of mine spontaneously sends me a gift of Fairy Tarot Cards and a piece of Moldovite. I am overwhelmed by the waves of gratitude I feel for these gifts. I have had a pretty rough month that I won’t go into details, but my family has been really struggling. I sometimes tell my guides, “Just cut my cords here Im done” I have the same struggles as the average human, and I sometimes become overwhelmed with my work here, and just being incarnated into this body. I have bad days where I want to stop being a lighthouse for others, and I want to just hide in my bed from the world. But some days I have so many synchronistic beautiful moments that I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s a strange experience to be so up and down on this roller coaster ride of ascension. Right now, I am just so in awe of watching the humans awaken, and watching people make really noticeable changes. I see how this is quickening for us all, how our paths have been accelerated and we are about to leap into the wonders behind the veil. We are all on the edge of our seats, awaiting for the next phase. I am so grateful to be here, and happy I have met so many loving beings, that have really given me faith in humanity. I used to not trust the humans, and I had a lot of judgment towards them as a species. I now can say that I am honored to be in a human body right now, along with so many other beautiful souls. I see you all shining, and it inspires me to continue my work, and do the best I can with what I have each day. In being an example for my family, and for others, I am really just being an example for myself, and all of my online community really keeps me aligned with my soul purpose here. Those of you who take time out of your day to just say “Yeah!!” or “Keep on shining” really touch my heart, and if it wasn’t for such a loving group of souls, I probably couldn’t handle doing this work out here in the public eye. For everyone I have met on my journey, I honor you, I thank you, and you mean more to me than you will ever know. Thank you for teaching me that humans can be kind, and even extremely loving. Our connections are sacred, and I am so very thankful for being here on the planet with such amazing souls. We’ve already shifted, it is done, we are there. Look how LOVING everyone is becoming. If you come from the peace in your heart, you will see it too. People are becoming softer, and gentle in their communicating. It is wonderful to observe, and to encourage it to continue. Keep it up humans you’re inspiring me to step up my game.


4 thoughts on “My Faith In Humanity

  1. Lynette Coldebella says:

    You ARE a gift a blessing and and inspiration. You are a light in the darkness a way shower a light in the darkness of what humanity was. You are a huge part of why we are changing by living the change. You are the calm in the storm, the spark in the flame you must keep shining your brilliant light! You have made me a better person by teaching me how it’s ok to play like a fairy, love like and Angel and fight like a warrior. Thank you Sister for coming and showing us how to love each other♡♡♡

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  2. Ariels Angelic Healing says:

    You are such a sweet and powerful soul Lynette! ❤ I am grateful for our connection and all of your kind words. You are a Blessing! I'm just trying to do my best, to do what I came here to do, it's not always easy, but it's always worth it! 😉


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