Imbalance In Positive Polarity

I am aware of my own patterns of pushing my emotions aside, only focusing on the positive and hoping that the negative will fade away eventually. The Pleiadian aspect of myself was a part of the civilization when they were a young species, and they chose to only focus on the positive thoughts and emotions. This brought their entire species to become unbalanced. It took a long time until this energy that was repressed had to be released. They had to go to the Shamans and ask for help when an autoimmune virus took over their people and they couldn’t  find a cure. I see this same pattern happening today, in the new age community. Many people choose to only focus on the positive and they refuse to see the darker aspects of themselves. This can cause much heartache and frustration to those trying to live a spiritual life, and to evolve from their limited human perceptions. It is very important to face our inner demons, the dark night of our soul, to heal ourselves. This heals not only our current karmic issues, but also the karma from other lifetimes such as lives we lived in the Pleiades, such as my own experience. This is ancient wounds we are having surface, it isn’t pretty, but it must be expressed and healed. Pushing away “negative” feelings will only bring us further from our path and make it extremely difficult. I know it’s not fun to re-visit our ancient cosmic wounds, but it is necessary for our Ascension.  I try to take it one day at a time, when something arises that is unpleasant, instead of avoiding it, I accept it, and I face it head on. I try my best to stay in the moment and to take action, instead of reacting in old patterns. When we become whole, we must accept all parts of ourselves, and not all parts are going to be rainbows and unicorns (But some are ;)). I just hope to inspire others to not be afraid of your darkness. So many in the lightworker community will tell you otherwise. They may say it’s not important to accept all aspects of yourself, or that your other lives don’t matter. In the bigger picture we are playing out karma from our other lifetimes, some that weren’t so pleasant, and we must heal these wounds at the root of the cause, this takes much bravery and determination to really go deep within. Meditation has assisted me in this area, and I ask my guides to help me accept all parts of myself and to show me where I still need healing and integration so that I can become whole and ascend.  We are very powerful beings, we have great potential, but it’s up to us to not make the same mistakes we did in our other lifetimes because this Earth life is happening in order to heal all galactic karmas and to bring us into unity with our soul. Not every planet has Free will or this special access to clearing karma, so it is a gift for us to be able to heal and move on as an evolved species. I’m trying not to fuck it up, just like you guys. We have each other to help support one another, so let’s heal this shit and ascend into greatness.


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