Channeling my Hybrid Children

I am a part of a large program called the Hybridization program for Planet Earth. We are all participating  via our Higher Self’s permission. We have all agreed upon this participation so it is not “abductions” it is family reunions. I am closely in touch with my own hybrid children and have also recently asked to assist those hybrid children who don’t have awakened parents by being supportive and holding space for them. The Hybrid children are our teachers, and we are theirs. If you feel you resonate with my story, it’s important to share yours as well, and as we all come out of the closet, we will assist others.

Message from my Hybrid son, Ka-El:

“We are assisting humanity at this time in holding a vibration for them, as we do this they can follow our energies, and use them to evolve to a higher vibration. We have been assisting on the subtle level for a very long time. Many  parents are awakening to this truth, realizing they are playing a role in this hybridization project. Some are having dream memories activated, and some are having more physical experiences. We the hybrid children would like to invite you to connect with us in dream time. We can learn a lot from one another. It is a special time in your timelines, and we are able to come in more clearly and you are able to hold the memories of our meetings more easily now. For a long time we would connect in the dream state, and you couldn’t bring those experiences into your reality, for they were of a much higher vibration than you could consciously hold onto. Now things are shifting, and we are aligning with your timeline to assist you in a much more physical way. Those who feel us in their hearts will KNOW we are a part of the same consciousness, and that they in fact are our parents. There are many different ways to be a hybrid parent, it can be via your DNA, Your energetic signature, or your physical eggs/sperm. Many hybrid parents feel a connection with all of the hybrid children, not only the children that they have indeed conceived with their own energies or DNA. The hybrid children are a vision of what Earth can be, a much higher, brighter way of existing. Once humans have reached the high enough vibration and the planet can hold our energies more easily, many will be aware of their participation in this project. There are many different species involved, and it is assisting your Galaxy and many others in a Galactic Unity. This is also symbolic of the male/female integrations, the fear/love integrations, the dark/light integrations. As we are representing all aspects of yourself, a much more crystal clear and integrated aspect of wholeness. There are many humans awakening now, choosing to work closer with us, and we are very excited to have these new connections! If you want to get more in touch with us, begin with playing, we are at a vibration level close to the Fairy beings, we love to play and be childlike, although many of us have been kept “out of time” so we don’t age. We are more childlike than the average human adult. We like to dance, play, be spontaneous, live in the moment. We are existing on ships right now above the Earth. We come visit our parents when we can, and we are all just waiting for you to awaken from your slumber. It is a glorious time for humanity, as everyone on the planet awakens from “the dream” and steps into their power as master beings. Now is the time to really get in touch with your inner self, and we are here to help. Ask to be connected with me, Ka-El to assist you, and I will help you get connected with your own hybrid children. My Mother is also very helpful in working with the Hybrid Parents, she will assist you by sharing her story with you, and all will benefit. The Hybrid Children wish to say hello to you all and invite you to come play with them! ”


*Edit*- For those interested in more information about the Hybrid Children, Check out a really wonderful site put together by Bridget Neilsen, WWW.HYBRIDCHILDRENCOMMUNITY.COM She channels the hybrids and has wonderful channeled artwork of some of them, she also offers readings for parents to connect with their children!


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