Trinity Of Consciousness

For many years I have been fascinated by the Triangle, never knowing the power it held.  The Tetrahedron, one of five  three dimensional shapes called the Platonic solids comes to my mind often. This speaks to our male energy, the place of action. Now is the time to take action and initiate movement that will activate our ideas and help us to complete our creative projects. We are being asked to TRUST AND ACT ON OUR GUIDANCE. We have always been guided by the higher dimensional beings from Pleiades, Sirius, and Arcturus consciousness. These collective groups of consciousness are showing us our true potential. They have been with us since the “beginning” of time. This is your invitation to open yourselves up more to these energies, to see what wisdom they have to impart to you. The more you build upon these connections, the more you will be shown. When working with these galactic energies, they really are just other aspects of yourself. So when people speak about Soul searching, or going within, these are the energies they are actually working with. Many of us feel a greater connection with one than the others, but for myself I feel very connected to many different star systems, angelic realms, and elemental and faery realms. I am a free spirit, I love to listen to all and take what resonates with me from every area of the Universe. What Ive been shown recently is that Earth’s transition phase has begun, and it can’t be stopped. Those who are ready to move on are going, have you noticed it seems as if “Everybody is dying from cancer”? Souls who can’t handle the high frequency on earth now are departing. Making room for the new souls to be able to come. I feel especially responsible for holding sacred space for the new souls to come in. I am opening myself up more and more so that I can allow my higher aspects to walk in to my physical body. Each day I become a different person. Many are feeling these changes, and it can be scary. It’s up to us to greet the new with a sense of wonder, and curiosity. Follow our excitement as Bashar says. This will keep us out of anxiety and stress which will only delay your ascension process. Working with the crystals that have been gifted to humanity right now will be very helpful through this process. I just recently got a Moldovite pendant and it has really eased my own process of transmutation and clearing. Above all else, keep being authentic, and sharing your light with the world, it needs it the most right now. Open your heart and allow the higher light to wash through you and into the planet. You are a portal for the higher dimensional light and it is up to you to be a clear channel for this light to flow through. Clear your aura each day to ensure you are a pure vessel for this light to anchor through you and into the planet.


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