Guidance for 1-17-16

I have been guided to do a card reading for my online community, so if you are reading this, this is for you.

I received: Stay Focused, Focus on Healing, Teacher

We are to Stay Focused upon our intentions at this time. Don’t be distracted by any of the Earthly dramas playing out right now. Many of us are being activated during the sleep state and may even be having physical activation symptoms. Allow yourself to flow through this period easier by not being attached to anything. Be a free spirit, and follow your heart. Things that you may have enjoyed in the past may lose their sparkle. You may want to step outside of your comfort zone a bit more and try new things. Now is the time to remain positive, and really keep your mental field clear of any psychic debris. Devote time to yourself, nurturing your spiritual journey, connecting with your higher self asking what you need to do next. It may be helpful to do a detox diet, or to just detox from negative fear based humans who are sucking your energy.  It is time for us to really accept that we are here to heal, and by healing ourselves we are assisting others, many ,many others around us and all over the planet. What you activate within is being activated in the entire collective as well. Be aware of any new spiritual signs from animals, plants, and other beings of light. Right now they are going to be communicating with you in a very physical way, different than before. Pay attention to your signs from the spiritual realms, they are leading you into the new. It’s time for us to really learn what we need to so that we can step into a new way of being on Earth. This includes learning to maintain our energetic field, being aware of when people are sucking your energy and cutting cords with them right away. You are the keeper of your field, and it’s up to you to keep it pure and clear of any other peoples energies. The higher you can maintain your frequency the easier your journey will be. Remain in the heart space at every moment and trust that it will guide you along your path. It’s really becoming real now, we are stepping into the portals that lead to the 5th dimension. You will have many new experiences that your higher self is guiding you towards. Be open to new things, Be curious, Be playful and most of all Stay in Love and have compassion for yourself & others.


Building upon your energetic shields is extremely important right now, you can use colors or crystalline frequencies to assist you and of course you can always call upon your councils and guides to come in and help you as well.


I hope you are all flowing easily through these changes as it can be challenging at times, even for those of us extremely focused on our spiritual journey. All incarnated souls are experiencing these changes, so know that you’re not alone, and you never have been.

Many Blessings & Starlight


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