Moving Through Transition

Greetings Starseed Warriors!

For that is what we are experiencing, the war from within, all the “stuff” that had been held inside for eons has been released to the surface. We are at war with ourselves, our lower aspects, all the other parts of ourselves that we have outgrown are coming up to be released. For many, this has came in challenges that seem to come up out of nowhere. We feel like we’re on an endless roller coaster of emotions and feel like we’ve had enough. So today I choose a card for you all experiencing this struggle towards the light. What I am shown for this time period, is a “Transition” for those of you who are familiar with Natural Birthing Techniques, the time of Transition is the hardest, but it is right before the baby is finally birthed into the world. We are in this same kind of stage in our evolution. We are about to be reborn, but not before we are tested and we choose from our hearts what “feels” right. So allow your heart to guide you always.


The card I received today for Starseeds is from the Sirian Starseed Deck, it’s the Eight of Crystals. This card has a male placing crystals on stair steps leading up to the temple. To me, this represents that we are going through these special little initiations, that will indeed lead up to our higher self. Many of us are activating our superpowers right now. We are able to use our special gifts of telepathy and psychic sight to see through the illusions, and it is assisting us greatly at this time. All of our doubts about ourselves have dissolved, and with it all the lower aspects of ourselves. We must choose to follow our Highest Aspects and to cut cords with the old self. You may realize now that your work in the higher realms is much more powerful than you had first thought. You are beginning to really step into your power as Beings of Light on the planet. Your work is valuable and it is to be honored as sacred. Trust that you are capable of even greater things! This is only the beginning and for many of us it has been a bumpy ride. The more we desire to assist the planet and humanity, the more powerful we become. Our powers are being enhanced right now as we receive more of the higher light from the Great Central Sun Via the Galactic Kachina. This is a connection you can work on consciously to enhance. Connect yourself to the Galactic Kachina to recharge yourselves during this time. Many of us need an extra boost, we are exhausted from all the upgrades and the challenges that have been placed on our path for our soul’s growth. We are to keep building upon our previous work, but be open to doing it in a new way. With the new Earth energies, there will be new ways to assist continue to listen to your guides and inner voice for new inspirations along your path. If you continue to work at your dreams, with determination, and skill you will eventually reach them. The higher purpose is always working through you carving your being into the most perfect state.

Drink plenty of water, try and get some rest, spend some time unplugged from technology during this time.

Some of you may be experiencing a break in integration, while others are having extreme turmoil in their lives. Honor each other, and trust that each of you have your own process along your path. You are here to support one another by just being open to others and sharing experiences together. It’s like a little treasure hunt for your conscious mind to connect to dots, the people, the connections, the memories.

Above all else, don’t forget to have a little bit of fun, many of you are very serious Starseeds, you take your work very seriously, we honor you, but encourage you to be playful, be light, and be loving and gentle when you can. There is power in finding a balance between play and “work” and in playing you can assist your own integrations of energies to happen with more grace.

Enjoy this time and take a breath of fresh air, pat yourselves on the back for all you have came through, all you have had to rise above, and all you have yet to experience.

We are the many, and we honor you on your path to greatness.


One thought on “Moving Through Transition

  1. Lynette Coldebella says:

    Such truth right here! I have been going through crazy challenges, crazy family coming out of the wood work. It is pushing me to release release release all who are not aligned with my better good! Thanks for letting me know I’m not crazy or alone! ♡♡♡

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