Upgrades & Tests

Many of us are going through a lot of upgrades at this time, although it feels like it’s a smaller group than the collective. I have been personally challenged recently, not only in my physical life, but also in my dream state.  I have been doing rescues and being tested to choose love over fear in dream time. I have had a lot of scary situations, where I am having to escape situations, or help others. I wake up feeling proud that I chose to assist others and to free myself.

One dream I was on a bus with many humans, there were creatures I don’t know exactly how to describe besides they reminded me of the Orcs of Lord of the Rings. They were eating the humans, they would hypnotize them with these large screens, and the humans consciousness would be affected and they would just sit there awaiting their death. They would play games like soccer in a field with us, chasing us and then eating us. I was one of the few who couldn’t be hypnotized. I found another woman named Cindy in the bus, she hid from them when we first arrived. I had to have courage to open the door and to yell for her to get the bus ready so that we could escape together. I’m not going to tell you all of my dreams, because many of them are similar in nature and I try to focus more on the positive and not put out fear based information or experiences. But I feel others may also be called right now to stay in the light and to face their own personal demons in this way. I have had to really observe my own emotional reactions in my physical life, being brought back to ancient wounds that were never truly healed or dealt with.

Many of us Stationed here on earth are ready to give up, we have came a long way and as we all remember our missions, we are ready to just get them over with and move forward. Even I asked to leave the planet in a very low moment, I asked my guides to sever my contracts with Earth and just let me be free from all of the heartache here.

I’m sharing in hopes to tell you that you’re not alone, we are all going through some deep shit right now. Although I wish I could offer you more, I can offer you community. I  know we are all doing our part to assist the planet and humanity. I’ve been guided to do my shielding techniques in a different way, and in doing so I have realized it’s much more powerful when you just use your creativity to do energy work, protection techniques, and channeling. I used to have a very ridged technique that required me to call upon certain star family and angelics, using symbols and all kinds of other techniques layered on top of one another. Now that the energy has changed I have changed my own energy protection techniques to just being inspired in the moment to perhaps use a certain symbol or star being to assist. I’m really working with the Faeries lately, asking them to help me be more playful in these techniques.  So if you feel guided to change things up a bit, follow your intuition. Things are changing, and the way we do our work here is changing too. Some of us are very aware of these changes, others are still waking up to their missions. I’m sharing my own experiences in hopes of helping those just waking from their slumber, ready for knowledge and support from others who have been there.

Keep an eye on Mother Earth, she is experiencing many changes, if you listen to her, you will know what to do whenever any kind of big event happens in your location. I’ve experienced much warmer weather for winter in my area, and lots of rain, I feel this rain is cleansing the Earth and assisting the new grids and energies to anchor more easily.


If anyone needs assistance on their journey, as always I AM HERE.



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