Dream- Hybrid Twins & Party

Many dreams last night, the first one I was holding different little hamster like creatures and they were hissing at me when I would pick them up. Then there was a large male creature that I really didn’t want to mess with. They were all in a cage.

Party, I was at a very very crowded party. I was searching for my son who was sleeping in a room but no matter how much I searched I couldn’t find him. This was causing me much anxiety. I see my husband and ask him if he’s seen our son, but he seems belligerent. Many people from my past were also at this party, it was odd for me to see these people I’ve cut cords with. It was muddy and raining so I had a lot of trouble navigating the ground trying to find my son. I then was inside and I’m being gifted a native American “belief” drum. It seems very sacred but I don’t understand what it means in the dream. I hear lots of other peoples conversations. One man is talking about his Kundalini surges saying “It feels almost mechanical” And then another man grabs his belly and is trying to get it going again. Super strange.

I find myself in a rocking chair, rocking two eggs, Im being very careful not to disturb them too much. I am the mother to these eggs. I then am fast forwarded to their birth, there is one boy one girl, they are twins. They are very advanced for newborns, they can already crawl. When I asked them their names, the boy tells me Whispering Wind. The girl tells me her name is Starlight. I am very aware that these are the hybrids I gave birth to the other night on a ship. I spent time playing with them and my husband assists with their needs. I remember nursing them a bit and rocking them in a rocking chair.



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