My Health Routine

With the turn of the New Year, I am inspired to compile some of my healthy choices that I include in my lifestyle. A lot of these choices are inspired by just living more naturally while on my spiritual journey.

Lets start with the Detoxing Methods:

Each day I dry brush my skin at least once a day to remove toxins from the skin.

I oil Pull each morning to remove toxins.

I drink my own homemade Kombucha which helps to detox.

I take Apple Cider Vinegar/Epsom Salt baths at least once a week.

I drink plenty of water to flush out my system.

I also drink Detox tea from time to time.



I am mostly Vegan, and recently have went gluten free.

I just got a juicer so I have been juicing once a day.

I drink at least 2 bottles of Homemade Kombucha Daily.

I take Ormus in a glass of water every morning.

I eat a TON of fruits and veggies, mostly raw, juiced or lightly cooked.

I just began taking a Vegan “fish oil” supplement that is actually from algae.

I try to include plenty of good fats like Avacados, Omega 3’s in my foods. (Flax seed, Chia seed,Hemp seed oil)

I eat lots of Garlic

I am very selective and try to eat organic fruits and veggies whenever I can afford it.

Some of my staples I keep on hand are, Nuts, Fruits, Veggies, Quinoa, Avacados, Rice, Tortillias (Gluten Free), Daiya Vegan “Cheese”, Oats, Honey, Gluten free pasta noodles, Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Almond Milk, Coconut Water, Gluten Free Tortillia chips,  Amy’s Refried Beans, Silk Soy Yogurt, Homemade Kombucha, Filtered, Non Flouride water.



I do Yoga every morning, nothing too crazy but enough to strengthen my core and move my body enough to be able to relax during meditation.

Im a busy Mother, so I get plenty of exercise running up and down the basement stairs doing laundry, chasing my Toddler, ect.

I’m also a Hula Hooper, so I get plenty of exercise by practicing.

Sometimes I take walks outside on my property for a nice recharge.



Spiritual Development

I make it a point to do at least one self healing session and channeling transmission a day.

I am constantly working on my energetic powers by shielding and remaining in the heart center at every moment.

I make it a point to cleanse my home and self energetically frequently, and with lavender &  sage at least once a week.

Doing my work I do with my business, Im always keeping myself sharp and clear by doing readings for other people. This is strengthening my own abilities and assisting others, so it’s wonderful for me.


I use  Homemade Magnesium Oil spray topically at least once a day



Algae “Fish Oil”


Vitamin C


Essential Oils

Always working with crystals

Always bless my water and food with pure light



I basically try to avoid any kinds of chemicals on my skin or in my body. I don’t drink sodas or have too much sugar. I avoid fast food like the plague. I strive for balance in mind , body, and spirit. I lived a very toxic lifestyle before becoming pregnant so Im trying to make up for all of that damage. The best thing we can do for our bodies is listen to them, and to act according to their needs. Not everyone will need to follow a strict routine like I do, but it is what’s best for me. I just hope to inspire others to live naturally and follow their hearts.

If you are interested in learning more, “Like” My page of facebook called “Starseeds Living Naturally” for natural living tips and gentle parenting advice.





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