Dream Journal- Crystal Altar

So I VIVIDLY Remember creating a sort of altar with crystals, I was very careful and some of the crystals were falling over, but it felt very sacred. I also remember a sort of parade, it was very spiritual in nature, and I look down to see a bundle of lavender which I use to smudge, along with a glass pipe in my pocket, these hold a lot of meaning to me.

I also remember my husband laying his head in my lap while we listen to a sort of lecture, many other lightworkers were there too. They were discussing the violet flame technique.

To me, all of this means, SHIELD. Shield myself, Shield the starseeds, and be on guard.


Also was in some sort of trailer and many men come to see us, they go around the table speaking another language and telling everyone else at the table yes, but when they come to me, they say no and mention something vulgar about me. I get out of there and run..

I find myself outside walking on a road, trying to use my cell phone to call my mom, but its not working. All of a sudden Im in a small white hallway and Its like a hospital setting. I find a nurse I say “Im looking for the exit” She directs me to the nursery. I feel drugged. I also see another woman holding on to the wall, she seems drugged too. I realize this is where we have babies, hybrid babies. I remember this place as I have many hybrid children. I feel a strange sense of resonance.

When waking at 3 am, I look out my window to see my twinkling star family’s ships, this is how they make themselves known to me, it’s our “thing” So I know I was on a ship and I feel very confident that I was working with the hybrid children, maybe even birthed one last night, anything goes.


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