Dreaming of Jail

So last night was exciting, as always. I was in jail, an all womens jail. People were surprised to  find me there, and I kept telling them I was wrongly accused. I was wearing blue scrub like clothing like all the other women. There was a dog there which I find odd. This seemed like I was there a long time, but then one day I was waking up there, my head against a pillow and my eyes couldn’t focus it was like I was still sleepy, and foggy I couldn’t make my eyes open up, it was like I was trying to become lucid. I then look to the left and see an open window with leaves poking in, the sunlight shining through and around the sunlight, is a rainbow halo! I sense this freedom and then I am quickly made aware of a sort of tube, tunnel, slide. I am flying through with other people, others include mermaids and people in royal clothing, which to me represents the Elohim and other guides. I then am brought to a place with many from my childhood, we are at a sort of daycare center, I find a little girl baby, she has a rash on her cheeks I pick her up and her parents arrive. I tell them about the rash but I couldn’t focus on her face or the fathers. It was blurry like in the other dream. I kept trying to squint my eyes so that I could see but it was still foggy. Then I see a girl who actually died in a tragic car accident in this life of mine, but she looks like a fairy princess, dressed like the other royal beings. Shes wearing pink and looks glowing and beautiful. I walk along with them on this grassy path for a bit. I then wake up. So interesting to me how I am now having this kind of experience during dream time where I have foggy vision, I am trying so hard to open my eyes but they feel super heavy and I cant see very well at all.


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