Creator Beings

Just received a channeled message and was urged to share.


We are Creator Beings. Many think this just how everyone in the universe is, but it is a far greater way of “Being” than you can imagine. We created “ourselves” in our own image, We created our “little” selves. The Creators, are us. This information isn’t given to everyone, the humans don’t have the belief necessary to understand it all at this moment. Know that not every race can “Create” and that in this area, humans are special and rare. Other races must use forms of technology to do what humans will be able to do with pure emotion and will. Humans can easily create once they are fully activated and they lose all doubts about themselves. Once activated, the humans will do great things. It’s about trusting and allowing it to all unfold. We are the Creators, it’s always been this way. We don’t have to learn to be Creators, we must remember that we chose to forget our greatness to play here and learn in the Third Dimension. We set up a special time to awaken and remember, that time is now. Many are awakening and many are able to use a small percentage of their abilities at this time. As we continue to evolve we will be able to create worlds and universes. We have always had this power, we just needed to come into form to learn and grow, and to play! It’s like a very intense game for us, and once we move back into the awareness of being Creators, we may remember the times we were  in form, and oh how exciting it was to live behind the veil of illusion, to not be aware of how great and powerful we were. Oh how much fun it was, and how we long for that uncertainty of not knowing what will happen next! This game is ending, and we are all being assisted in the process of Re-Ascending, back into our purity, and greatness. It has begun, and it is  being accelerated in a very real and physical way now. Many are opening up more to the energies necessary to accept all parts of the whole as they are and to really flow with the essence of their soul. It’s a very exciting time to be manifest here on Earth, as we get to be the first ones to see it all as it unfolds. And we will be in joy as we bring this new way of Being into fruition into the Now!!


2 thoughts on “Creator Beings

  1. peacenowflower says:

    This is so interesting in that I just wrote a post that my authentic self (without masks) is that of being a creator. Since I was little I have imagined whole worlds. For a while I stopped, because no matter how much I imagined I could not enter that world. Yet, I still create artwork, and create artwork in the form of written word (blog posts). Its that had to spell word… synchronicity (that I will admit I had to look up the spelling of). Spelling was never my strong point.

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    • Ariels Angelic Healing says:

      That is wonderful synchronicity for us both! Yeah, I always heard we were “creators” but I guess I never really understood what that really meant. I got caught up in the material aspects of it, like imagining we can manifest a new job, house, ect. hehehe Im glad to hear about your experiences.

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