Spiritual Service

Spiritual services.. There are a lot of reasons one chooses to get into the spiritual service career. A lot of us who work with spirit do it out of the goodness in our hearts. We want to connect those who have trouble connecting themselves. For those who struggle with listening to their angels advice, I’m here to help guide you and give you the messages of your angels. They’re always telling you the next step, they give it one step at a time. It is difficult for some humans to hear because they are stuck in a lower vibration. I am the middle man in connecting you to your guides. I would like to make sure people understand, we do this with love from our hearts, and many of us don’t get paid enough to live off of this income. I myself am a stay at home mother and pretty much work for free. I don’t even make enough to claim this on my taxes. I don’t do it for the money. I do it to help people, and in a way I’m helping myself. I try to help others who ask me questions about spirituality and sometimes I wear myself too thin trying to balance my life being half way in the spirit world and half way in the physical. I wish to help EVERYONE. But I have a family to take care of and also myself. It’s difficult to tell people no when I so badly wish to help everyone find their light and help them on their path. I sometimes feel very sad if I can’t help everyone who needs me in a day. I end up exhausted and unable to fulfill my household needs because I use up so much of my energy helping others. It’s not an easy path, but it’s filled with respect, and compassion. I do this to help create a bridge for the humans to the angelic realms. I take this mission very seriously, I am an AWAKENER. I’ve been incarnated here to awaken the people to remember who they are. And you are all LOVE. We are all here for a common purpose and that is to Love Mother Earth and to help make good choices to care for her in every situation. We are here to bear our light and transmute all darkness from this planet. We are here to unite and work together with love. We are here to LIVE. Experiencing physical reality is our main reason to incarnate. Live your life. Know that you aren’t here by mistake. There are many sacred and important tasks you have already done that you may not realize, but you’re helping the common goal. My mission is to help others and it’s not always easy, but it is always rewarding. Know that I do this with LOVE and I wish to help all that I can without jeopardizing my own health or my families well being. This is why I require a payment, an energy exchange of some kind. If my energy isn’t filled back up I tire easily and can’t function at my best. The gift I give to the world is sacred and to be respected. If it was so easy why the need to even contact me at all? Why not talk to the angels yourselves? Because you need a middle man until you can vibrate at a higher level. For myself and all others who work in the spiritual field, we are helping the humans and we deserve all the blessings that come to us. Our work is special and I’m grateful for all of the spiritual service “workers” out there. WE ARE CHANGING THE FUTURE. We are setting in place a spiritual revolution for the PEOPLE. I truly enjoy working with the Angels and Guides and helping to bride the gap between the humans and the angelic realms. I’m honored to accept my mission and do it proudly with LOVE. All I do is remind you of what you have forgotten. 😉



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