Sky Squids & LionDogs

Dreams have been super weird.


First one: Many squid like etheric creatures filling the skies. People are freaking out. Im with someone on some sort of flying machine, and I’m feeling that we must do something about these creatures. I get scared and end up hiding behind a door, but the door just melts around me and I have to face these creatures. I felt they were being brought back to the central sun to be transmuted.

Second one: I was in a house, there are these creatures that look like part lion, part dog. They seem angry and not very friendly. My mom tells me we need to keep them. I say well then theyre staying in the garage. They kept marking their territory in the house and I was very afraid of them.

Also, had another dream where we were in a school setting (surprise!) And I was grabbing some snacks for class, the teacher tells me he doesn’t usually allow it I tell him I don’t really care what he allows. There was some sort of play with children in it. They were holding up signs I can’t remember what they said. I look over at a fake tree created from paper and it’s painted brown, I then become lucid and realize, all this shit is FAKE! Its not real Im inside of this hallucination/holographic projection. I realize all this shit is just teaching me lessons, and that it is necessary for my soul growth.


Also remember being in a pet store, holding a parakeet and it freaks me out so I put it down.


Before bed last night, I was playing with my guides, sending them little energetic visions of little geometric shapes that would pop open and have a little note inside that said “hi” I’m trying to be less ridged in how I communicate with them. They want me to play more, so Im working on it, it’s just hard when I put expectations on how I receive my guidance and communications. Im trying to let go more, they are insisting a lot from me right now and Im not ready for all of it, so Im taking baby steps.


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