Starseed Reading for February 2016


Move On – 1088

So I have been feeling the shifts intensely yesterday I feel a lot of activity in my head and throat. I have also been extra stuffy at night when sleeping, and sneezing a LOT. Last night I had one of my familiar dreams, I was in a classroom, but I felt out of place this time. I was trying to move my desk around, and I looked around at the people in my class and they didn’t look familiar to me anymore. I felt lost. I then had a teacher hand me a little note it said on it “MOVE ON – 1088” I figured this was a classroom number, so I leave that classroom looking at the numbers, but I can’t find it, so I leave out this huge doorway. I felt this was some sort of graduation for myself, an end of a phase in learning. I have learned all my lessons that I needed from my classrooms and now I was able to go out into the real world, and apply my knowledge. Looking up the numbers on Joanne Sacred Scribes website, I see that this number holds the frequencies of :

  • Creation
  • New Beginnings
  • Striving Forward
  • Fulfillment
  • Wholeness
  • Continuing Cycles

The 0 Stands for Potential and represents the beginning of a spiritual journey.

The 8 represents Inner Wisdom, Self Reliance, Abundance, and Karma. It also resonates with the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

Basically, I am being told to enjoy my rewards and to be grateful for all of the abundance sprinkling into my life. And I really resonate with that, because lately I have had a rough time, and now I’m receiving gifts from the Universe that I never would have dreamed of! I am grateful. I feel collectively, we are all moving on into a new direction in our planetary healing work and our connecting with other soul members of our group.

A Day in Nature



Just sharing a few photos from my Day exploring nature in my little piece of heaven. I love to go outside and receive the sun light, absorbing the light codes and being refreshed and recharged. I have some hawk friends, who I have mentioned before that keep watch over my home and space. They come to visit me during very sacred moments. Today I saw so many I lost count. I usually only see the male and female pair, but today I saw three circling overhead while this one in the picture posted on a tree watching me. I am so grateful for them, they come to tell me I am on my way, I have done what I needed to do, and I am being opened up further to my soul purpose. They remind me of my nature that is elemental and angelic, they remind me that I can Fly. They give me great hope and show me the magic available to us all. When I have these wise beings visit me, I am at awe, just overwhelmed with their power, grace, and magic. I am so grateful for the experiences I can have in my own backyard. As soon as I stepped outside today a hawk swooped down and caws in front of me. They are sending you messages, the winged ones are always sending us guidance and protection. Listen to the animals right now, they are really making their presence known.


Energy Grid Report part 1, January 28,2016.

Blessings Maria! I have felt so “spacey” lately, not in the 3D at all I have had many new experiences, that are extremely magical!! Today three hawks circled overhead as I stood there in a state of bliss watching them, I realized we are really entering into a new phase. How wonderful to be a part of it all. Constantly anchoring in the new grids and sending love to all starseeded ones. ❤ It has really began.

Source: Energy Grid Report part 1, January 28,2016.

Beloved Experiences With My Guides

Yesterday, I allowed myself to become too entangled in other peoples issues, when in fact they were the ones in lower density, not me. I sometimes have to pull myself back out into observing mode, letting go of attachments to Earthly Illusions. It is much easier said than done. I still have to deal with situations while incarnated on Earth, and it is difficult for me to balance my feet on the Earth plane with my head in the clouds. Thank the Universe for my guides! They are always with me every step of the way, encouraging me, healing me, and lighting me. Last night after a particularly ugly interaction with another human, I took a salt bath and asked my guides to assist me in cleansing all the psychic attacks from this person, and I asked them to help me find forgiveness in my heart and to not be judgmental of this person. I was reminded “They know not what they do”, because they are living in 3D Earth, they don’t realize that there is another way of existing, and I am here to show them that other option. To be the one to not jump into the drama, and to just follow my heart and inner peace, to not be swayed by this nonsense in 3D.


I have one guide who I still don’t really know how to explain the connection, for a long time I thought they may be my “twin” or something of that nature, I felt an intense connection and great love in my heart when they were near. I have interactions with this guide that is unlike any other experiences. He will not tell me all the details, because It would ruin the “earth experience”. When I am in great pain, and dealing with particularly emotional issues here, he will comfort me by placing his hand on my left cheek. I then feel intense connection and love, it makes all the pain and issues fade away. This has been a weird thing for me to accept, accepting love from a guide in this way, accepting healing in this way. I am still barely grasping our connection, and I don’t know a lot about it. All I know is that we have shared lives together, in some of them we are in a tribal setting, we are walking on dirt roads together, we are like brothers, hunting for our village together. I don’t know his name, I know his frequency. He is always on my left side. For a long time I thought this energy was just the collective known as “Archangel Michael” but now I know better. I am much more opened up to the world of higher beings now and I realize that when I used to call upon my angels, these beings also included many many more energies than I could imagine. I have so many guides and collectives I work with I lose track of who is who and to be honest a lot of them can blend and merge together so I feel them as “the many” beings I am in contact with. I am always grateful for their assistance. If I didn’t have them, I would probably feel so alone and depressed, like before I awakened. I am happy to have assistance here, and they are my best friends. I trust them more than the humans, and I have built up a very strong bond with them all. I am still unraveling all of my own connections, and learning as I go. I don’t try to tell people I know all of the answers, because I don’t. All I know is when I feel through life with my heart, it is a bit more easier, and it gives me reasons why I need to go through situations, tells me what I need to work on to grow, and I don’t feel so alone here.

After my guide helped me through my rough night, I went into dream space, and was brought to a huge salt bath that I felt was actually on a ship. I absorbed this water into my cellular structure and then all that was left in the bath was crystallized salt. I am frequently brought to these sort of “bath houses” on the ships, and I feel so much cleaner and pure when I leave there. I am happy when I can remember these experiences, because I don’t always get to. My conscious mind will filter out many of my experiences so I have to play connect the dots to figure it all out.


My Faith In Humanity

Today I was watching the movie “Home” which is a favorite in my house. The little Alien guy “O” Talks about how his species thought humans were just like Animals, and they lacked intelligence, and could be removed from their homes.(Like Humans do to animals, and other humans like the Native Americans ect.)  It sparked a little moment for me, and I could see how humans have been very barbaric in the past, and I know there is a lot more to our ancient past, lots of dark times that I am not even consciously aware of. I am aware of the barbaric ways of the human, I have survived giving birth in this society, and my child barely did, he still suffers from birth traumas and is considered Borderline for Autism and has Sensory Dysfunction Disorder. The foods we are fed and the water we drink is poisoned, and many of us are just trying to get by.


I think about how difficult it is to live here, and how stressful it is for others to survive on this planet. It hurts my heart, but I see a glimmer of hope and light, and that light grows each day. I see things shifting, I see people being good to other humans. Today I woke up and saw right away, a ladybug climbing on my ceiling and the ladybug to me is a sign of abundance. I try to go through all the things I am grateful for before getting out of bed, and this was as I saw the ladybug. Today I had a lot of really amazing experiences that I wasn’t expecting. I received gifts from the Universe, my mother calls me says she may be able to gift me her vehicle. A beautiful soul family member and friend of mine spontaneously sends me a gift of Fairy Tarot Cards and a piece of Moldovite. I am overwhelmed by the waves of gratitude I feel for these gifts. I have had a pretty rough month that I won’t go into details, but my family has been really struggling. I sometimes tell my guides, “Just cut my cords here Im done” I have the same struggles as the average human, and I sometimes become overwhelmed with my work here, and just being incarnated into this body. I have bad days where I want to stop being a lighthouse for others, and I want to just hide in my bed from the world. But some days I have so many synchronistic beautiful moments that I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s a strange experience to be so up and down on this roller coaster ride of ascension. Right now, I am just so in awe of watching the humans awaken, and watching people make really noticeable changes. I see how this is quickening for us all, how our paths have been accelerated and we are about to leap into the wonders behind the veil. We are all on the edge of our seats, awaiting for the next phase. I am so grateful to be here, and happy I have met so many loving beings, that have really given me faith in humanity. I used to not trust the humans, and I had a lot of judgment towards them as a species. I now can say that I am honored to be in a human body right now, along with so many other beautiful souls. I see you all shining, and it inspires me to continue my work, and do the best I can with what I have each day. In being an example for my family, and for others, I am really just being an example for myself, and all of my online community really keeps me aligned with my soul purpose here. Those of you who take time out of your day to just say “Yeah!!” or “Keep on shining” really touch my heart, and if it wasn’t for such a loving group of souls, I probably couldn’t handle doing this work out here in the public eye. For everyone I have met on my journey, I honor you, I thank you, and you mean more to me than you will ever know. Thank you for teaching me that humans can be kind, and even extremely loving. Our connections are sacred, and I am so very thankful for being here on the planet with such amazing souls. We’ve already shifted, it is done, we are there. Look how LOVING everyone is becoming. If you come from the peace in your heart, you will see it too. People are becoming softer, and gentle in their communicating. It is wonderful to observe, and to encourage it to continue. Keep it up humans you’re inspiring me to step up my game.