Dream of the Ring of Ascension

Many of us who  resonate with the Arcturians are familiar with many of their technologies and different healing methods. One that David K Miller often mentions in his books is the Ring of Ascension. This ring is where the masters reside, they are there sending loving thought forms to earth and assisting us in our Ascension. The Ring of Ascension is like the ring around Saturn, it can change and mold and is interactive with earth. Sometimes we go there for healing and to do missions. This is something I use a lot in my planetary healing meditations. So last night I had a dream that the Ring of Ascension is twisting into….A DOUBLE HELIX!!! And that it is lowering into the earth now. This feels like a really big deal to me, and When I awoke the vision almost faded away from me because I was so emotionally excited about seeing it! This means BIG STUFF IS HAPPENING. The ring of ascension has very high frequency energies and many beings work with this technology to assist us, and now it feels that its finally more within reach for even the average human to connect to and receive healing and guidance from. I feel like many of us are being pushed to our limits right now. We are having to step out into the unknown, and for myself, it is scary as fuck. But I do trust the divine process, the bigger picture and my guides through this process. So I say BRING IT ON. LETS DO THIS. LETS DO WHATEVER IS NEEDED NOW. I am aligned to the divine plan, and I trust all will unfold according to it.



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